Thursday, July 19, 2012

I should be packing buuuuut...

I'm waisting time on the Internet instead.  First it was Facebook, that led to a blog, which led to a giveaway on a blog, which led to me blogging about said giveaway.  Barefoot Angie Bee, one of my favorite barefoot runners, is giving away a pair of Leming Minimal shoes on her giveaway blog HERE.  Outside of running on the beach, I never really have any plans to run completely bare (feet that is... you never know, I might be tempted to streak depending on the circumstance... ha ha) but I am a pretty big fan of minimal shoes.

I haven't really talked about it, probably because I haven't really been doing any serious blogging, but I picked up a pair of Merrell Lithe gloves (I got an amazing deal at TJ Maxx) a few months ago and love them.  I figured coming back from maternity leave was a great time to break in super minimal shoes because my mileage is low as is my pace.  I've worn them probably half a dozen times in the past 4 weeks for up to 3 miles and I really like them. I've worn them a lot too walking around, to the park, to the grocery store... wherever life takes me.  I think they have been great to help me out with my form and strengthen my feet and leg muscles after taking 6 (well, almost 6) weeks off from running.

Anyway, to keep this short (I really do need to get back to packing), the Leming Minimal shoes look awesome and I'd love to try them too.  If you're interested in them, you should  check out Angie Bee's giveaway.


Casey said...

So, I bought a pair of the Merrell Barefoot shoes for when I went back to work after maternity leave. I love them. I have to say this: I think they have helped my feet go back to their pre-first pregnancy size. I read that once, that barefoot walking will help strengthen your feet, add height to your arches and thus, your feet will shrink. I'm pretty sure it's true because I was to the point that few brands actually carried my size (11! gasp!) and now I'm back down to a 10 and my Merrell's are actually too big now.

All this, and I've hardly ran in them though I walk a ton in them every day. But I am intrigued by running in minimalist shoes and I'm researching options.

I'm totally jeal you found them at TJ!!

Janet said...

Thanks for the tip on the giveaway. The shoes look great, I would really like to give them a try. I entered the contest.

Breein said...

My Dad bought me a pair of the 5 fingered shoes (trade for a hair cut lol) and I love them! It fixed the tendinitis in my arch and they helped with my mom's hip. Jeff wont let me wear them anywhere but when running but I'm excited for all minimalist shoes coming about!

Pemberton Family said...

Hi Laurie,

Hope all is going well. Just checking in, haven't heard anything in awhile from your blog. Can't wait to see more pics of that sweet baby boy. Are you guys moved yet? Take care!