Friday, June 29, 2012

Tiny toilets and a Brooks obsession.

Yesterday, the kids and I went to the library to hear some fun music.  My favorite part was were Leona and Jonny made it perfectly clear that they weren't the biggest fans.

 After the music, which Calvin, Emmeline and I enjoyed (and Euan slept through), we went into the library to check out some books.   This of course also meant a stop off at the bathrooms, because nothing is cooler to a 2 and 3 year old than public restrooms...

I do have to admit though that even I think the bathrooms in the children's section of our library are pretty cute.  There are two individual bathrooms that are reserved only for kids/families.  Each one has a cute little toilet
 and a sink with a step stool.  Everything is sensor activated, so the toilet gets flushed and it's actually fun to wash one's hands with soap and water.
 If money were no object (and I owned a home), I would absolutely build a little bathroom to put my little toilet in.

In non-bathroom news, when we returned home from the library (amazingly with all 5 kids and 25+ books and dvds, which was no small feat) I looked out our living room window to see one of the Brooks cars parked across the street.  For whatever reason, it made me really excited.  I am somewhat obsessed with Brooks... I'm not really sure why.  I think it has something to do with their Run Happy campaign (which, by the way, they just might have stolen from me... I swear I was saying it before they picked it up), that and the fact that I love, love, love my Green Silence shoes and hope to someday try out the PureProject ones.  So, I made Dan check it out (he didn't seem quite as thrilled as me), then I sneaked outside to take a picture of it.
Tomorrow, I'm planning to head over to the Olympic Trials and go for a group run with the Brooks people... then I can officially say I'm a groupie.  I'm really excited because even though I've gone on a few runs, this will be my first "real" run.  Technically I won't be 6 weeks post c-section until Monday, but it's close enough and I'm feeling great... all will be well.  Anyone in town want to join me?

Yay, it's almost the weekend!  Hooray for weekends and parental reinforcement... 5 on 2 is much more manageable than 5 to 1. :)


XLMIC said...

Whenever I see those little tiny toilets, I smile.

I also have music connoisseurs who plug their ears unashamedly when the music doesn't appeal to them!

Have fun at the Trials and on your RUN!!!!!!

Marci said...

I will be a Brooks groupie with you in spirit. Was that band the one from Mexico that plays the jawbone? How could they not love it? I have a love hate relationship with the little pottier because the kids want to use them every time we pass. I guess I should be glad that they aren't port-o-potties.

P said...

Hmmm, now I feel bad that I've missed the tiny toilet party - I've never seen one! I love that you took pictures of them, though.
Have a great time on your RUN, groupie!! :)

Heather said...

I would LOVE to join you on a group run on Saturday, but (shhh...this is a secret) I don't own any Brooks shoes. Are you allowed to show up wearing Nikes? I know you can't get into the Nike employee store wearing a competitor's brand, so they may frown on me. :-( Unless of course they are passing out Brooks shoes for me to try running in!

Stephanie said...

We've been watching the trials on tv and wishing we were in Eugene again. I would appreciate the cooler weather, too. How fun!