Friday, June 8, 2012

Special day...

Today is a super special, only happens once a year, spectacular kind of day.  Today is my mom's birthday... it is a day that needs to be celebrated.  See, if my mom hadn't been born then I wouldn't be here, so her birth is extra important to me.  :)  Seriously though, my mom is a super cool lady and one of my best friends and definitely needs an entire post dedicated to her special day.

I could list a myriad of things that epitomize my mom's greatness but the thing that stands out to me the most is her complete selflessness.  She would do just about anything for anyone especially her family even if it meant sacrificing her needs/desires.  She helped to take care of my super sick kids last summer, sacrificing her well deserved vacation.  There have been countless times where she has driven 3+ hours to spend the weekend in Eugene just because I needed a reliable babysitter.  She has come up to watch all my marathons and many other races, including driving Heather and me to Umatilla then following us around the race course to offer her support and encouragement.   She has gone out of her way to be at the births of all 5 of my children (except Euan, instead she watched the other kids so Dan could be with me), which even included driving in the snow on Christmas day to be here when Emme was born.  I know that if I needed anything, I could ask her and she would do her best to find a way to make it happen.

I could argue that she does all this for me because I'm her favorite, but that wouldn't be true.  I probably call her and talk to her more than any of her other 6 kids, but I know for a fact that my mom absolutely does not have favorites... she has always been too fair for that.  Simply stated, my mom is a terrific person.  Although she has some flaws they are no where near the magnitude that I thought they were when I was in high school.  I was a difficult person to get along with for many, many years, yet my mom allowed me to live and even continued to love and support me.  So, even though you may not read this until after the weekend, or maybe even not at all, I wanted to tell you Happy Birthday, Mom.  I think you're great.  I love you.  You deserve a special day, where for once, everyone is doing things for you.
with Emme, spring 2004
with Leona July 2008 
carrying Jonny, summer 2010
before the Monster Mash 5K, October 2010
keeping me warm before the Pear Blossom 10 miler, April 2011
running the Hippie Chick May 2012
with Euan, May 2012


Pemberton Family said...

Ahh your mom is beautiful and this is such a sweet post. Happy Birthday to her!

Congratulations on Euan, what a great name and he sure is a cutie. I have not commented or posted in awhile so I am behind on your life:). Hope your recovering well and will be back to running soon. How is life with 5 kids? We have 3 and I really want more but my husband is a little overwhelmed right now:).

Take care,


Jane said...

She sounds so amazing! My mom and I are super close too and she does and probably will do these kinds of things for me. Such a blessing! Happy Birthday to your mom!!!

Heather said...

Happy Happy Birthday to your dear mom! I was lucky to be on the receiving end of her selflessness. She made the marathon last fall so much easier on us. And it was awesome to have her cheering us on at so many points along the way. I agree with you--your mom ROCKS!

Janet said...

Well you know me pretty well. I didn't read your post until this morning (Monday 6/11). What a nice post for me. You are a wonderful daughter and I thank you for all the great memories and the encouragement to start running. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. It was a great day! I love you Laurie

Dick said...

I agree with your post too...she's a great mom, and a great wife. I couldn't have asked for a better person to spend my life with, and have never regretted conning her into marrying me. She's amazing!

One question about your said something about "her OTHER six kids" there someone I don't know about???

Fruit Fly said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! What a sweet post. I kid you not, I have goose bumps on my arms and legs after scrolling through. What special times you've spent together! I really love the one of her keeping you warm at Pear Blossom. It shows no matter how old we get, our moms are still moms to us! I love it!