Friday, June 22, 2012

A glimpse of summer.

For the first day of summer and yesterday, we had a tiny look at summer.  We were still stuck inside with coughing sickish kids to celebrate the summer solstice but after Dan got home from work and the kids were in bed, Euan and I snuck out for a very pleasant late evening run.

This time, we went for a mile and a half and I felt great.  I still took it nice and easy but am definitely feeling that everything is healing up nicely from my c-section. Euan stayed awake the entire time and seemed to be enjoying the view.  As much as I usually prefer to run in the early morning hours, there is something to be said for running during a warm and peaceful summer evening.  It was a great way to begin the summer.

Yesterday, with temps supposed to be close to 80 again, I decided the kids were healthy enough that we could get out of the house.  We chose a local water park, which surprisingly wasn't very crowded.

I think that Leona and Jonny enjoyed it more than Emme and Calvin so we may not be able to go there every day, (Euan seemed indifferent, as long as he can sleep he'll be happy) but it will definitely be a place we frequent often this summer.

We only got a little tease of summer, though.  Now things are back to "normal" here in Eugene with grey skies and cooler weather so the water parks are out until it warms up again.  I'm waiting to hear on some possible tickets to the Olympic Trials (track of course) which would definitely be something cool for us to do.  At the very least, we'll walk down and check out all of the festivities.  Not everyone is lucky enough to live only blocks away from the excitement, we definitely can't pass it up.

Even though the summer just began, I actually feel like it is going quickly.  Yesterday, Euan turned a month old.  I can't believe how quickly he is growing.  He doesn't seem to have changed but since all the newborn sized things I have for him aren't fitting, he must have grown some.  He's still perfectly mellow and enjoys his naps and is completely fascinated by Leona... when she comes close to him, he just stares and stares at her.  Of course who wouldn't stare, she is quite the unique one:
Yes, that is a lovely array of marker all over her legs and the bottom of her feet too  of course.
Anyway, I hope everyone has a happy weekend.  Good luck to all the racers, especially those of you running RNR Seattle... run happy & run strong!


Marci said...

He is so dang cute I can hardly stand it. I am leaving that first picture up on my computer so that it can keep making me happy. I hope you get the tickets because I'm super sad that we can't. Nice job on the running. I've walked up a bunch of hills. Does that count for something?

Rusten and Karen said...

Hope you get those tickets! You deserve them more than anyone. That picture of Leona is still making me laugh.

Micha said...

I can't believe you ran at all.
No, wait, yes I can.

Jim was telling me that at the soccer fields they have big screens set up so people can congregate and watch the trials even if they don't have tickets. It sounds like Isaac took the boys over there one day so that may be an option if the tickets don't work out.

And seriously, if you ever need a break from that little boy, I'll keep him for a while. Let's say, like, 16 years?

Catey said...

OK-enlighten me! What is he in that you can run with him?! I would LOVE to run with Emily-I feel so very alone out there running now. ;) Not to mention if she was with me it would open up a ton more options for running times...

Glad you are healing up well and that you are able to be back out on the road already!