Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What's next?!

First, we had the raccoons...

(Well, after this morning, we have one less raccoon:
let me tell you... this guy... not so cute and definitely not so cuddly.  He was not a happy camper.)
now we apparently have bees.  Late this afternoon, Emme brought my attention to the window outside our living room.  "Why are there so many mosquitoes?!"  Yeah, those aren't mosquitoes, our house was surrounded by hundreds (maybe thousands) of swarming bees.  They started off on the side of our house and then continued to congregate behind our house.

Eventually, things calmed down and I thought that they had flown off, but while eating dinner, I noticed a suspicious brown spot in our tree.
Yep, we now have a nice swarm of bees... as if the raccoons weren't enough.  I wonder what our landlords solution will be for this problem?!  I think someone is trying to tell us it's time to find a new house.

In other news, today was the 32nd annual (can you believe they have been doing it since 1980?!!) jogathon for the kids' school.  It was Emme and Calvin's 4th year participating,  they both started when Emme was in kindergarten, although technically this is only Calvin's 2nd official year.  It was a nice and sunny day, but the wind was coooooooold!  It didn't stop the kids from having a good time, though.  Emme managed exactly 5 1/2 miles and Calvin ended up one lap shy of 7 miles.  While we were there, Leona did 6 laps for 1 1/2 miles and Jonny squeaked in at 3 laps walk-running and 2 more laps in the stroller.  Here are a few shot of the festivities:
Calvin streaking by.  Yes, he is wearing basketball shoes... yes I know they aren't good for running in.
Calvin asking Leona and Jonny if they want to run with them, then sprinting away without them.
Emme's friend, Jonny, Emmeline & Leona enjoying a nice walking break. 
Jonny, deciding that it might be more fun to pick daisies...
then play under the hurdles...
then chase the puppy.
When we caught up Leona and Emme again, Leona had managed to score a fudgecicle.
most of which, she got all over her face 
All-in-all, it was a great day at the track.  The kids ran hard and had a lot of fun.  My evil plan to turn them all into distance runners is playing out nicely.  Muwah ha ha. (That's my evil maniacal laugh.)  Needless to say, by the time we got back home, Jonny was out cold and Leona wasn't too far behind him.
the only time he'll let her rub his head anymore is when he's asleep... she's trying so hard to not suck her thumb


Marci said...

Holy cow! Your kids are awesome. I'm not surprised.
If you guys want to move in with us to get away from the bees you are welcome.

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Do you get to run Hippie Chick this weekend? (I think you do). Good luck! We might be down your way watching the Ducks play baseball on Saturday. Hopefully the weather will still be nice.

Callie. said...

holy cow, yes, it is time for a new place. I think Lily would have had a panic attack if she saw that many bees. Add the hive in and we would have had full out panic in our house.

p.s. your kids are so beautiful. I am glad they like to run! I just tried to run up the street with Will today and he told me half way he was too tired. haha.