Sunday, May 20, 2012

A surprise 6 and temporary retirement.

Saturday morning, I decided it would be a beautiful day to head out for a nice little 3 mile or so run.  I figured it would most likely be the last run I take as a pregnant lady and without a jogging stroller for quite a while, so I wanted it to be a good one.  I decided to head up the hill to Hendricks Park to do some easy trail running and go some places that the stroller cannot.

It was an absolutely perfect morning for running and it was so wonderful to be on the trails.  
 There is something so peaceful and calm about early morning trail running that I just don't find when running on the road or even the nicely paved bike paths.
 Watching the sun filter through the trees and listening to all the beginning sounds of the day while running along by myself, causes a tranquility in my soul that I rarely find elsewhere.

 It definitely made for a happy (partially headless and yes quite pregnant) me.
 There are some amazing paths through Hendricks Park, most of which are lined with beautifully blooming rhododendrons.  Apparently, their are over 6000 varieties of rhododendrons and other ornamental plants in the park.

There is also a pretty fantastic view of Eugene from the park.
 After I came out of the park, I was feeling pretty good and also Eugene nostalgic, so I thought a little trip up to "Pre's Rock" was in order, even if it meant a little more mileage.
 I've been to Pre's Rock with the stroller before and it is not a good thing, the street is very narrow and curvy and I thought we were going to get run over multiple times. I had actually ended up there accidentally when we had first moved to Eugene and I didn't know my way around very well.  Anyway, I figured that this might be the only time this baby gets to spend some time with Pre so it seemed like the logical place to go.
 While looking around, I noticed an inscription on the road that I hadn't noticed before (probably because in the past I've always been concerned about dodging cars).  Pre lives.
 After my solitary time with Pre, I got slightly turned around... I blame that completely on "pregnancy brain", (it's a real thing) and ended up on the wrong side of Hendricks Park and an extra 1.5 miles added into my run.  I did however get the opportunity to see one of my other favorite Eugene landmarks, Autzen Stadium.
I then finished up my tour of Eugene with a run by Hayward Field, but didn't take any pictures because it was full of construction workers and scaffolding as they are gearing up for the Olympic Trials.  When all was said and done, my easy 3 miles turned into an absolutely fabulous 6 miles, which I think is a great way to go into temporary post pregnancy retirement.

Tomorrow is the big day, happy birthday to #5.  If you haven't gotten a chance to put in your gender and weight guess, please do so HERE.  The popular consensus is "girl" but we'll just have to wait and see.

Now, just for fun, let's look at how much running this baby has done:
After adding up the numbers from my log, it appears from pregnancy start date (approximately Sept. 8th), through yesterday (May 19th), the baby (and I of course), have run 733.92 miles.  Included in that mileage is my PR marathon (at almost 9 weeks), the 50K (at almost 17 weeks) and last weekend's half (at almost 38 weeks).  I wish I would've done a 5 and 10K so that I could have completed the racing cycle.  Overall though, I think we (the baby and I), did a pretty good job of running through this pregnancy... I'm truly grateful to my body for being so cooperative, I think that I have been very lucky.  I'm also super grateful to my husband for being so supportive and encouraging, as well as my friends and all of you that read my blog.  You all kept me going.  :)  Hopefully, my body will be equally cooperative when I attempt to get back into shape after taking the next 6+ weeks off.


me/mom/NANA said...

Maybe you should do another guessing game where we figure out just how long you will wait to get back out there, how far you will go AND how many little ones you'll "run" with.

Catey said...

Awesome finale run!!
I was just adding up my pregnancy mileage earlier this week too. :) Not nearly as impressive as yours, but I was bummed that I missed out on doing my half because I had my other distances done. Oh well. lol Your 50k definitely is cooler than me hitting the 5 and 10k's.

Best of luck tomorrow, hope everything goes perfectly! Can't wait to hear about baby-and hopefully he/she will have a buddy over here VERY soon!

Marci said...

I just realized that I don't know the answer to the big question...what color are your toenails?
Good luck tomorrow. I will be sending all my positive vibes your way and keeping my phone close by to hear the news. Nice job you runner freak. Thanks for keeping us all motivated.

Micha said...

Oh, what a lovely run! I can't say I'm surprised, your 733.92 miles has destroyed any shock value of your running while pregnant :)

I can't wait to hear how it all goes tomorrow! Best wishes!!!!

Fruit Fly said...

What a pretty run. I need to go check that out sometime. It would be fun to have some new scenery - and hey - any excuse to take myself up to Pre's rock is a good enough excuse for me!