Friday, April 6, 2012

Yay, it's Friday!!

I am so excited that today is Friday but more importantly, that I have absolutely nothing that I have to do today.  Sure there are things that I could or maybe should do, but nothing that I have to do.  Yesterday was one of those crazy, nonstop go days with a million things to do.
Here's a glimpse:
Doctor appointment 9:20
Grocery shopping/errand running 11:30
Clean up from breakfast/lunch before kids get home from school 1:30
Kids home from school/get their homework done/ready for soccer 3-3:45pm
Calvin soccer 4-5pm
Emme soccer 5-6pm
Dinner 6:15pm
Emme, church activity 7-8pm
Movie with some girl friends 8:20ish  (which despite the fact that it was a crazy busy day I wouldn't have turned down for anything)

Today, I have nothing on the schedule, which is quite obvious by the fact that it's after 9am, I'm still in my jammies as are Leona and Jonny, there are kitchen dishes in the sink and I've been online for almost an hour.  I do have plans to get ready at some point today, there is just no rush.  Do you ever find yourself exceptionally lazy following a busy day... or is it just me?

I also have plans to make some fun holiday treats today.  I'm thinking that I'll start off with this gem that I discovered on Pinterest:
blog source
Chocolate cupcakes with mini Cadburry cream eggs on top and baked inside?!... hello yumminess.  Good thing I've discovered that I can run again.  :)

Speaking of running, I was kind of a hurting unit yesterday.  I had the normal tired leg muscles that I've discovered seem to be a little more prevalent the more pregnant I become but my stomach was so sore.  I've been wearing the Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt 
over a belly band and it really seems to support my ever growing belly when I run.  I got it when I was pregnant with Jonny and it has been a life saver.  However, since I didn't run past about 7 1/2 months with Jonny I didn't realize that I would outgrow the belt.  The belt was getting to be a tight fit but I was hoping to make it last for a couple more months.  Well on my mini run (the one of 248 feet) it completely popped off... which is no small feet considering the heavy duty Velcro this thing is made of.  I tried to wear it again on Wednesday's run, but it just wasn't happening, so I went without it.  I didn't really notice much difference until towards the end of my run when I felt the need to hold my belly up because it was getting kind of sore.  Luckily I was almost done with my run.  I came inside and immediately ordered a larger belt and have decided that it would be in my best interest to not run again until it comes.  Luckily it will come today.  :)  I'm hoping to head out tomorrow for double digits... we'll see. 

Happy Friday!!  Hope you have a great weekend filled with lots of sunshiny spring weather.


Jill said...

Holy yumness on that egg cupcake...Cadbury eggs inside and out...that can't have more than a couple calories in it, right? Cuz Easter things shouldn't have any calories :).

Glad the belt is working for you, good luck with the double digits. And Happy Easter!

Tricia said...

holy yum those look great

Jane said...

I have been wondering about the sore belly! Mine gets sore sometimes now, even though it is not that big yet (22 weeks), and I've been considering a belt. Looks like if I want to keep running, I'd better get one.