Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekend Review (in pics)

We had a pretty fabulous weekend here at Casa de Higgins and I surprisingly did a decent job of documenting it on film... lucky you.  :)

The weekend started off a bit shaky with a phone call on Friday, from the elementary school, letting me know that "Calvin is okay" (I love how they start off a phone call like that.  I remember when Emme broke her arm at school...  "Emme seems to be okay, but we have her here in the office, she fell off the monkey bars and seems to be in a lot of pain...")  Anyway, so "Calvin is okay, buuuut he and another kid crashed into each other and he has a bit of a bump on his head, I sent him to class with an ice pack, but when he comes home, you might want to check it out and keep an eye on him..."

Yeah, that's quite the bump... poor kid, I'm sure he had quite the headache.
Anyway, besides the bump (which he was impressed that I already knew about... I keep telling my kids that I know all and there is nothing they can hide from me) he was quite his rambunctious self and seemed to be okay.

I did manage to get my super low calorie, sugar free, healthy (ha ha) after dinner treats put together and I think they turned out almost as good as the original thing.  My kids were of course curious who I made them for and were practically in shock that I made them for us, "just because".  Especially considering that earlier in the day I had banished them all to their rooms with threats of not letting them out... ever (it was kind of a rough afternoon).
 Jonny really enjoyed them and wanted more.
 Saturday, I went for a run aaaaaaand, it went really well.  Yay!  We had our car in the shop and it needed to be picked up, so with no real way to go get it easily, I thought it would be a good destination to run to pick it up.  I really wanted to attempt double digits so I mapped out a nice route that would get me to the repair shop at just around 10 miles.  The first 5 miles were around my normal running routes, but the second 5 miles where in some areas that I haven't ever run and it was nice to have a change of scenery... even if it wasn't the beautiful river or trail scenery that I usually enjoy.  I took it fairly slowly, stopped a few times to stretch out my legs and once to use the restroom at Albertsons.  By the end, I was happy to see the car shop but overall I felt strong and capable, relatively pain free (I wore the Achilles brace and shoe inserts) and definitely more encouraged about keeping this pregnant body going.

In the afternoon, we took a picnic to the park and enjoyed some quality time together as a family.

this sweet little boy kept bringing me flowers 
Leona found a worm in the sand that she aptly named "Sandy" and she spent a fair amount of time carrying him around and playing with him.  We convinced her that he would be happier if she found him a nice home in the grass.  It seemed like a good idea until she tried to find him again and couldn't.  She was absolutely devastated.  Calvin was feeling extra compassionate (maybe it was the bump he got on his head) and spent the next 5 minutes attempting to console her.  It was the sweetest thing I've seen in a long time.

 What a poor pathetic little girl.  
She did finally come around when Calvin found her a new "Sandy", a blade of grass, that actually managed to come home with us and is now living on our front porch.
 Emmeline spent quite a while attempting to fly....
 and poor little Jonathan, tripped and fell into some cut shrubbery and came way, way, way too close to poking his eye out.  I was legitimately worried when I saw him freaking out, with his hand over his eye and blood running down his face.  Luckily it was just a bad scratch that, as the weekend has progressed, has turned into a nice big bruise.
After the park, we came home and dyed Easter eggs, which is always a good time...
 and takes lots and lots of concentration.

I swear Emme had fun too... she just has a different was of showing it.  :)
 Sunday, early, I'm still not sure how early the kids got up, brought Easter morning.  I didn't get too many pictures of the egg and basket hunting because by the time the kids woke us up at 6:30 they had already found their Easter baskets and most of the eggs.

Church went well too, although we rushed out, as usual, and I didn't get any family pictures before we left.  Jonny of course fell asleep on the way home from church but I wanted a picture of the kids so we had Emme hold him... I think she was getting kind of tired (if you can't tell by her grimace) during my quest for the nonexistent perfect pic.  "Wow, he's really heavy when he's just laying there!"

I'll leave you with a parting shot of my beautiful girls.  They sure are sweet when they're getting along.
Hope you had an enjoyable weekend with some warm springy weather too.


Joleane said...

I'm so glad your kids weren't seriously injured.
How many close calls can a mother handle
in one weekend?!?
Give them all a hug and kiss from us.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for your tips on the belly belt. I'm still contemplating it. I went for a run yesterday and it wasn't too bad. maybe it just depends on her position.

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Lots of smiles and tears!