Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break Camping

We finished off our Spring Break staycation with a camp in.  I'd call it a camp out, but we didn't leave our house.  Instead, we grilled some hot dogs on the George Foreman grill and had a picnic on the floor in the living room.  (Picture a lovely family sitting down eating calmly together... not the picture of spilled chips and ketchup that it really was.)  Then of course, what campout is complete without S'mores?  In an attempt to make them more "camp in" friendly, while searching my great answer to all questions, Pinterest, I came across "S'mores Dip", which led to a google search of s'mores dip then the perfect recipe for s'mores dip (or at least the one that only required ingredients that I already had).
 I think that it worked out pretty well and was super easy to make.  It was also a big hit with my kiddos, even though it "wasn't the real thing" (as I was assured by several of the indulgers).

At the very least, it was easily as messy as the "real thing."

After our campfire dinner and treat, it was time to set up the tents and snuggle down for a little camping

and a good camping movie:

This was of course followed by lights out and all campers sound asleep.  You'll notice that I don't have a picture to document that.  That's probably because it didn't happen.  Calvin was the first to cave... Jonny kept pinching him and flopping on him and drooling on his pillow... so he opted to return to his room and sleep in his own bed.  This was quickly followed by Jonny trying to sleep in Calvin's bed, which got him a ticket to his own bed.  That left the girls who had the option to split up and each have their own tents.  Instead, Emmeline being the smart girl she is, decided her bed would be more comfortable than the floor.  Finally, Leona, not wanting to be the only one left camping out climbed up into her bed as well.  So much for the campout.  It was still a fun evening and I'd say a great end to Spring Break but we still had Saturday and Sunday and Monday (because of course after having a week off from school, the teachers needed to take today to "plan").  I think even my kiddos are looking forward to going back to school tomorrow.  Hooray!!


Stephanie said...

I cannot believe how big all the kids are getting! The camping inside is a fun idea. I'll have to steal that one. Sorry to hear about your injury. It amazes me that you've been able to run so prego as it is. Hang in there!

Marci said...

That is awesome. We tried a camp-in too. Our Smores were broiled in the oven and definitely not good and the sleeping in the front room was cancelled because the girls were too grumpy to even attempt it. You guys are so fun!