Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh happy morning...

Today, I got up early to go for a run.  Well, actually Emmeline woke me up at 4:30 because she couldn't sleep then when 5am rolled around and I couldn't make myself go back to sleep I decided if I was awake I may as well be running.  (Luckily Miss Emme did, I believe, finally go back to sleep.)  I'm sure at some point (probably around 1:10 when my kids get out of school for the day - early release, hooray) the charged up energy feeling I have at the moment will wear off but for right now I feel pretty great.  There wasn't anything super special about this morning's run but I'm really glad that I did it.  It is a slightly overcast, but pleasantly cool spring day and there really isn't any better way to get the day going... assuming sleeping in isn't an option.  I was especially happy to discover that all of the bathrooms (most of which had previously been closed for the winter) on one of my favorite route are now open... really it's the simple things in life that bring me such joy  :).   This means that on the 5 mile route I ran, I had the option of 4 different bathrooms, 2 of which I passed by twice... talk about options!!  For me, as a pregnant runner, this is a super fabulous thing.

Now, it's time to get the family going, so it'd be best to get off the computer.  I hope that your Wednesday is a wonderful one.

Oh, and here is a totally random (and slightly inappropriate) picture, that my friend took while on our girls' getaway.  We went out to eat at Bigfoot's Steakhouse and as we pulled into the parking lot, couldn't help but be somewhat "awed" by our "hosts" sign placement.  Of course maybe it was just us girls, having too much girl time... see for yourself:
In case you need a closer look, as I did, here's the shot that I took from a more direct side view.  Although it is slightly less obscene, it kind of makes one wonder what exactly the owner's were thinking when they sculpted this monstrosity and his sign.

Oh, and also, if you haven't yet and wouldn't mind, please vote for my mom to win the Mother's Day iFitness giveaway on Facebook.  Just click HERE, "like" iFitness and then vote.  Thanks a bunch!!


Jane said...

I feel ya about those bathrooms! My running routes have gotten extremely dull these days since I try to stay near enough to the house for a pit stop. :) And I see what you mean about the sign! ha!

Callie. said...

Good ol' Oregon...where else would you see a sign like that? Glad you got a nice run in. :)

misszippy said...

The sign is hilarious and all the more so when discovered by a group of girls together on a getaway weekend!

I love starting the day with a run. Today I was out as the sun came up and it was spectacular. Glad you enjoyed yours too!

Dick said...

I'm proud to be an Oregonian ...where else would you see something like that?? My only question about your Sasquatch...I thought he was called "Bigfoot."

Good job on your little jaunts, Laurie. Since this delivery won't kill you, you should think about giving Lake of the Woods another shot. You could stick Noni and Jonny in your stroller, and pack your littlest one on your back...think about it.