Sunday, April 15, 2012


I went for a longish run on Saturday.  The goal was 11 miles.  Spoiler alert... I made it 10 and honestly I'm really proud of myself for doing that... I almost stopped at 2.  I could not mentally get into that run.  Physically, I actually felt pretty good... as good as a waddling pregnant runner can feel that is.  I don't know what my deal was, but I just wasn't feeling it.

I got up at 5:30 with the hope of being out the door before 6am.  I stepped outside at 6:10ish.  It was supposedly 34 degrees, so I was bundled with tights and long sleeves, a jacket and gloves... I was way overdressed.  My planned route was a 6 mile loop around the 'hood then back by my house for a 5 miler by the river.  I stopped at a bathroom a little less than 1.5 miles in, where I stripped out of the tights (still had a skirt on, don't worry), took off the jacket and tried to figure out how far I really wanted to run while carrying all that.  Ultimately I decided not very far, so I changed my route a bit and was back at my front door by 2 miles.  I stood outside the front door for a bit, listening to everyone awake inside.  I knew if I went in that would be it and I would've gotten up at 5:30am to run 2 miles, which I wasn't okay with, so I dumped my extra clothes on the porch and headed towards the river.  I still didn't have a route length in mind.  I stopped at the law school to use the bathroom (yes, again... gotta love being pregnant) which I like to do because I figure we paid that school enough money that I have earned lifetime bathroom privileges.  I then contemplated turning around and heading home (making it a 3ish mile run) but thought maybe seeing the river would get me going so I continued on.

Let me just say, it was a beautiful spring morning.  The sun was out, the clouds were sparse and there was no rain.  It was an amazing time to be running and I love to run... running makes me happy.  I tried to tell myself that over and over again but it just didn't work.  Dan even sent me a text, "Smile.  Running makes you happy." but unfortunately I didn't get it until I was home.  I stopped several more times trying to decide how far I was going to make myself go.  Finally, I convinced myself that I would regret it the rest of the day if I didn't hit double digits and since nothing was hurting I made myself do it.  Although the total mileage was 10, I think it would be much more accurate to describe it as five 2 mile runs with all the stopping I did.  It really was a beautiful morning, it was frustrating to me that I couldn't make myself enjoy it more.

When all was said and done, I definitely didn't regret the run but I also didn't come away from it feeling any sort of euphoria... more a feeling of indifference.  I guess some runs are just like that... kind of "meh".

The rest of the day, however was really great.  It was the opening day of soccer and we got to enjoy some beautiful weather.   (Definitely better than last spring.)  The kids both played really well and had an awesome time.

Jonny was a super enthusiastic spectator... just doesn't look like it here :) 

I only got a couple of pics of Emme... her game was the second one and Leona and Jonny were needing a little bit more of my attention at that point... but I'm particularly proud of her running form in the above pic (she's the one in the purple & white socks).  :)  All-in-all, mediocre run included, it was a great weekend and I'm looking forward to a new week, filled with some fun adventures and hopefully a few stellar runs.


P said...

I've had a few meh runs, too. It's so strange to come home and not feel wonderful! But at least you weren't in pain, and what a trooper you are to push yourself to ten miles when you weren't feeling it!

Mom_2_Pippa said...

Nice job pushing through! Its hard enough to push througha mediocre run when not able to use the pregnancy excuse so to push it aside and keep going like you planned, awesome!!

Jane said...

I am so so so so impressed that you did 10 miles in your 3rd trimester. I'm almost at 24 weeks and I've been super cautious since this is my first pregnancy, but reading your posts makes me realize I can do it if I feel it. So thanks for these inspirational posts! You might feel like it wasn't that great of a run, but I'm still impressed and inspired!

Dick said...

I'm impressed too, even though I know you're an addict and have to get your running fix! I don't think your mom is a certified mid-wife, so you probably need to be careful when you run the Hippie Chick Half next month!

Love your pics...Jonny looks like a real bad ass with his torn up eye!