Friday, April 27, 2012

It's marathon time... Eugene Marathon!!

No, I'm not running the Eugene Marathon (but you can if you want to come and sign up at the expo).  In fact, for the first time, in the 4 years that we've lived right on the course, I won't even be here to spectate.  I'm a little bit sad to miss out on all the fun (to hear all the runners coming down the street is amazing) but super excited to get away for the weekend with my husband and kiddos.

I definitely have a soft spot for the Eugene Marathon, being that it takes place in one of my favorite places in the world, Eugene, and also that it was my first marathon.  There is truly something special about running and racing here in Eugene where countless legends have run and the entire community seems to come out and support.  There is a reason this race is called "running in the footsteps of legends".  On my last longish run I was able to share the road/smile at/run by (ever so briefly because they were moving so much faster than me) both Jordan Hasay and Andrew Wheating within just a few miles of each other.  There are lots of people that claim to have heard Pre's footsteps behind them too as they have been enjoying a particularly great run around Eugene... a legend indeed.  It's hard to live in Eugene and not become some sort of runner or at least a running fan.

I just wanted to wish all those that will be in town running this weekend good luck.  Whether it is your first or fiftieth marathon or if you're "just" running the half, it should be a memorable day.  The weather looks perfect, the course is as beautiful as ever and every single spectator will be cheering just for you!  Run happy & run strong... it's your day.


Oh, and if you're interested, I did a pretty in depth course review last year before the race.  Although the aid stations might not be completely accurate and unfortunately, my kids won't be out cheering for you within the first mile, I think the rest of it is pretty much the same.  Just click HERE to check it out.  Or if you're interested, you can read my race recap HERE.  Enjoy.


Amanda@runninghood said...

So bummed I'll miss you again! We are driving down on Saturday and I'm excited to be around all the runners! So many great people racing on Sunday.

Jane said...

My husband and I would love love love to run this marathon one day. I'm aiming for one and every state and this is our pick for Oregon.

Emz said...

Enjoy your weekend!! Sounds amazing.
And I saw on FB a huge freaking "congrats" is in order.

I. Simply. Adore. You.

Fruit Fly said...

Oh bummer. I was hopping I'd see you along the course! I'll just pretend I did - and I'll thank you in advance for cheering and that really creative, funny, inspiration sign! ;)

JazznJenna said...

" It's hard to live in Eugene and not become some sort of runner or at least a running fan." Amen to that : ).