Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy News, Weekend Getaway & 36 Weeks

Friday, before we left to go on our little family getaway to the coast, we received the results that Dan had passed the bar exam.  Hooray!!  It definitely started the weekend off on a very positive note.  I'm so proud of Dan and all the hard work he has put into studying for and taking the bar.  After 2 failed attempts, I really wasn't sure that he was up for round 3, but I'm so glad that he persevered and remained positive.  Now his hard work has paid off and hopefully will continue to do so as he begins a quest for more permanent employment (his law clerk position will end in August).  Thanks for all the great support and well wishes, it has really meant a lot to us!

Anyway, so after the great news, we headed to Bullards Beach, just north of Bandon, on the Oregon Coast.  We reserved a nice little yurt (which really works well for our family... much more convenient then tent camping) and really had a great time.  Saturday, on the coast was absolutely beautiful.  It was sunny and warm (warm for April on the Oregon coast anyway) with very little wind.  We had an amazing time checking out the Coquille River Lighthouse, having a picnic lunch and then playing on the beach.

my little runner... makes my heart happy :)

Calvin was pretty proud of his collection of crab shells... unfortunately only 2 made it back to Eugene with us.

Jonny wasn't the biggest fan of the cold ocean water.
Emme, on the other hand swam around in it like the fish she is. 

Calvin was a swimmer too.
Leona swam for a while and then got cold and found it was better to sit in the "warm pools" and cover herself in sand.
 It was our plan to fly kites after checking out some of the tide pools, but swimming took over and then everyone was too cold to hang around for the kite flying.
Leona, at this point was down to just her unders and my fleece... she was frrrreeeeeezing!
Today, Monday, marks 36 weeks of this pregnancy for me.  I'm officially in the last months.  Instead of taking my requisite self photo shot, I thought I'd have Dan snap my pic at the beach.  He thought it would be a good idea to get the boat in the background for size comparison.  Ha ha, funny guy.
 I did take my running stuff with me but didn't go for any runs.  We climbed a decent sand dune and walked around enough that after spending two nights sleeping on glorified cots in the yurt I think running would've probably done me in.  I did manage to get in 20 miles total last week though, including the 10 miler with the double stroller.  Although this is way less mileage than I would normally like to have going into a half marathon, I'm feeling pretty confident that I'll be able to finish it... which is my only goal... well, to finish it and not go into labor directly after it.
Today I had my 36 week check up and everything is looking great with the baby and myself.  After being told that I'm not to travel more than an hour away from Eugene without prior doctor's approval I thought it might be best to let my doctor know of my upcoming plans to complete the Hippie Chick Half in Portland (about 2 hours away) on the 12th.  Actually, I started out by telling him that I planned to go to Portland in 2 weeks.  He then asked if it was just an up and back trip... where I felt compelled to tell him about the race that will be occurring between the up and back part.  He was surprised to hear that I had still been running, like really running, not just speed walking (yeah, we don't talk much at my appointments and he must not follow my blog... ha ha) ... and will most likely give me his blessing but I have to wait until after my next appointment on the 10th where he will make sure that I'm not overly dialted or anything.  I do get to now carry around my OB records everywhere I go.  It was fun to look over them and see what my doctor has written.  I was especially entertained by the section that talked about me preparing to walk and then actually walking a 50K.  I guess we had a little bit of a miscommunication when I told him about the 50K and how I would probably be running it more slowly and walking the larger hills... my doctor somehow heard, "I'm going to walk a 50K".  No wonder he was surprised to hear that I'm still running well into my 3rd trimester.


Micha said...

Yeah, I'd say the doctor doesn't know you very well :)

What a fun trip! So glad you guys were able to go do something amazing.

On the Right Track said...

Beautiful pics...beautiful family...god bless ya ;)

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

What a great weekend. I love it when the weather at the coast cooperates.

And you look great in that boat picture...

Raina said...

Ha! A little miscommunication for sure!
Bullard's looks fun. We don't get to the south coast often. Might need to make that trek.
Yay for Dan! That is just AWESOME. What a great example of determination.

Thanks for trying to track me- sorry about the issues. I'll be more careful with the bib next time. We missed you in Eugene, but i heard you had other plans. We should get together for a play date some time when I am up there. :)

Marci said...

Just tell your doctor that I'll be there to deliver the baby and I'm sure he'll feel better. For the record, I'm not very far along but I haven't mentioned any running either.

Heather said...

That's called OB CYA--that way if anything HAD gone wrong on the 50K he could say "We only discussed her WALKING the 50K, NOT running it!" :) I'm pretty sure they cover it in the "what if my patient wants to do something completely CRAZY like run 30 miles while she is pregnant?" section of medical school.

What a fun weekend and fantastic news to celebrate! Now just make sure Dan gets a job that leads to calling Eugene home for good. Otherwise, who's gonna run the 50 miler with me next time?!?

Janet said...

Loved all your pictures at the beach. I'm so happy for you all that Dan passed the bar. I'm really excited to run (waddle) the Hippie Chick Half with you. With Marcie and I there you are i good hands if your baby decides to come early haha :o)

Janet said...

Sorry Marci I spelled your name wrong.

Joleane said...

Congratulations, Daniel!!!
We're all so happy for you! How exciting!!! Way to go!
Sounds like a nice way to celebrate, going to the coast.

Jenna Renee said...

Congrats! What great news! :)

I didn't pass this time, so I will be taking it for the 3rd time in July. It's nice to see that it can be done, even on round 3. Hopefully third time will be the charm for me!

Jane said...

That looks so fun! And a big congrats to Dan!