Thursday, March 29, 2012

Walking is hard.

Yesterday, in an attempt to get some mileage in, while still resting my sore and hurting calves/Achilles, I thought it would be a good idea to go on a nice brisk walk.  I needed to return a movie to Redbox as well as pick a couple of small grocery items, so I used it as a multitasking adventure.

Walking is hard.  Not only is it hard as a "runner" to "just go" for a walk, walking uses your muscles differently, not to mention, what does one wear to go walking?  There was no way I was going to get all dressed up like I was going for run, when I was merely heading out for a walk.  That ruled out all of my running skirts and running tights/capris.  Luckily I have a pair of capri length Nike warm up pants that mostly fit my currently very pregnant shaped body.  I paired them with a long sleeved tee, a zip up hoodie, my Brooks and of course my Garmin (the runner in me was quite curious about distance and walking pace).  Walking actually felt good on my lower legs, in fact my Achilles only hurt when I ran across a couple of streets, however I really felt it in my quads... like I said, walking uses your muscles a little bit differently than running does.

The other hard thing about walking is that it takes so freaking long.  I walked 3 miles yesterday, honestly as quickly as I could, and it took me as long as it would have to run twice as far... even in my slow and pregnant state.  I think I was just as tired afterwards too.  I also had to stop at twice as many bathrooms because I was out so long. Given the choice, I'd take running over going for a walk any day.  I'm impressed by fitness walkers and astounded by speed walkers.  There is some lady that I see occasionally with amazing walking speed... she's hardcore.

All that being said, I think walking helped stretch out my legs a bit and I'm feeling slightly better today.  I think I'll use today as a cross training day, it's rainy (walking in the rain is completely different than running in it) and we rented Just Dance 3 (which is quite a workout & very entertaining to watch Leona and Jonny dance to) and maybe go for another walk with some running thrown in tomorrow.


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

I hope tomorrow goes well.

Just read your 100 "about me" tab. Um, you've got some updating to do. You weren't done at 4 kids, liar:)

XLMIC said...

" takes so freaking long." Truer words have never been spoken! or written :P

Jane said...

I totally agree! With all of it! I'm discovering this now as I try to take some easier days by walking with my dog. We always end up running the end because I feel like I've been out there forever (and I usually need a bathroom break too).