Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Staycation and my running woes...

We are in the middle of Spring Break here in Casa de Higgins.  It has been a true break, because Dan has had the last few days off of work too.  It's been a lot of fun having him home to hang out with us.  We had thrown around the idea of going somewhere fun, having a mini family adventure, but ultimately decided to just kick it at home.  This was much to Emme's dismay, who had heard all kinds of stories from friends of their planned trips to warmer climates and airplane rides over spring break.  I think, however, we've done a pretty decent job of exploring our surroundings and having some fun on the cheap.  We've gone on a couple of nice walks, played some soccer, played on a couple different playgrounds, we hit up a sports and outdoors expo, where the kids had the opportunity to attempt to fly fish, tie some flies and be out of the house

and we also visited the library for a good supply of books and movies to keep us occupied when we're just chillin' at home.  Yesterday, we even went on a pretty big adventure to a movie at the dollar theater where Dan and I suffered through a very unentertaining Alvin & the Chimunks in Chipwrecked, while Leona and Jonny took turns eating popcorn off the floor (apparently the stuff we bought was too fresh?) and Emmeline and Calvin sat enthralled. We've even done a bit of sleeping in and been enjoying a bigger breakfast/brunch.  It's really been pretty relaxing and I haven't heard too many complaints.  Like any vacation, however, I haven't done a very good job of documenting it with pictures.  Emmeline on the other hand has been capturing some of the more pertinent moments:
Leona being Leona:
 a nice self portrait:
 a not so subtle hint that we need to travel more?
 Calvin playing the Wii
 a little cuddle time... maybe Calvin took a break from the Wii and took this one?
 Calvin's Wii playing... maybe another hint that we need to travel?
a postcard of Crater Lake... okay, I'm starting to get the hint... maybe this staycation isn't quite as popular as I thought.
 Oh, and Jonny's new haircut.  
It's short, short, short and kind of makes me sad, but it will grow back.
As for my running, well, it isn't going so well at the moment.  I'm pretty bummed about it and it is kind of sore topic... literally.  For the last little bit, I've been having some lower calf/upper Achilles issues on both legs.  I recently got some new shoes with a little more cushioning (to help with the 35 pregnancy pounds I've gained) but I'm not sure that they are the sole (ha ha, get the pun) cause as the issues were already presenting before I started running in them.  After my run in the snow last Wednesday, I realized I needed to take some healing time and took the rest of the week off.  When Monday rolled around and it was sunny, and Dan was home, and I had the opportunity to go for a nice run in the middle of the day... all by myself, I decided it was time to see how I was feeling.  I ran around the block and was very discouraged.  I came home, went to the bathroom, stretched a bit and headed back out.  I stuck to a one mile bark trail not too far from my house and managed to get in 4 miles.  When I got home, I foam rolled, I used The Stick, I took some Tylenol, I wore compression socks and my Achilles brace/wrap thingy and took yesterday off.

Today, it still kind of hurts to walk, especially up and down stairs.  I don't know what my problem is.  I don't know if I somehow did some sort of injury thing, if it is in fact new shoe related, or if it just has to do with being 31+ weeks pregnant and my body saying, "No More".  I'm doing my best to listen to my body and take good care of it.  I won't run today, or probably tomorrow or maybe even the rest of the week, if I'm still having issues.  I hope to go for a couple of nice brisk walks over the next few days and will continue to stretch and roll and ice and hope that I can pull out some miraculous healing power that lets me get back out there running (well, really we should call it waddling) before I've gotten so big that I've completely lost all motivation to even leave the house.  I will have a nice long, forced running break, once this baby is born so I'd really like to not start that break now.


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

I can't believe the rain stopped long enough for you guys to enjoy your staycation outside. Nice.

Girl, 31 weeks pregnant and still attempting to run? That is an accomplishment in itself. Wow.

Jess@themommymiles said...

Love the pics of your staycation. We are Spring Break here and it is heavenly just to BE and not to least that is the plan. One thought I had about your soreness...perhaps it is the result of the extra hormones (relaxin) that come w/ pregnancy. I am sure you know all about it, but it def could be causing some tenderness in those overworked areas??? Hope you feel better!

Emz said...

you so freaking rock.

I always LOVE your photos.
YAY staycation!!
you are my hero.

Micha said...

Ohmygoodness, I still have nightmares about that Chipmunks movie. The girls always talk about who it the "nice" one and who is the "pretty" one and I constantly wish we'd never watched it.

Catey said...

Gotta love the mysteries of pregnancy running.
You're still my pregnant running hero. :)
I'm trying to cope with the fact that the half I was supposed to do 2wks ago had to be scrapped because Kid had a thing that I had to be at instead (mom points!), and now I'm doing a 5k tomorrow instead of a half because my body has finally said "enough". Oh well.
Keep on keepin' on! You'll kill your comeback no matter how much longer you get to run this pregnancy!

Stephanie said...

I love reading up on your little growing family!! I love seeing the pictures. Everyone is growing up so much I can't wait to actually see it with my own eyes. Emme is quite the photographer I'm happy she is documenting. I remember back before Emme when you took pictures like crazy with your film camera. It was always so exciting to me for some reason. Maybe I have you to thank for swimming and photography =)
And you look beautiful as always. Such a cute pregnant person!!