Thursday, March 22, 2012

Snow Day x2!

Yesterday, was going to be a super busy day with several appointments and early release for the kids as well as evening obligations that would keep me from running.  In order to make myself get my run in, I vowed, no matter how tired I was, or what the weather was doing, I would get up at 5am to go running.  So, when my alarm clock went off I sprung (ha ha, more like rolled kind of whale like) out of bed.  Much to my surprise, when I looked out the window I was met with this:
That's a lot of snow.  That's a lot of snow for March 21st in Eugene, where a little snow in the middle of winter is a lot of snow.  For about 5 seconds, I contemplated going back to bed but it's not very often that I get to go for a snow run.  I was actually excited about the prospect of being one of the first people to get to go out and play in the snow.
I really enjoyed my run.  It was 6 miles of slow, snow going and there where quite a few very large slushy puddles disguised by snow that left my feet a little bit on the cold side but it was really nice to be out in the dark running around in the snow.  Unfortunately there where broken tree branches all over the place and the trees were breaking left and right.  Every time I heard one snap I would jump... it's been a while since I ran in the dark and I was slightly on the skittish side.

I wasn't surprised when I got back that the kids' school had been closed for the day.  Dan's judge's kids also had no school so called in to work and urged Dan to do the same.  Hooray, snow day for everyone!  It worked out very well because I still had a few morning appointments to attend and I was able to do so without all 4 kids.

When Jonny and I headed out for our first adventure, the 3 older kids were well on their way to making a very nice sized snow man and enjoying every second of it.
The rest of the day was spent playing Star Wars Monopoly (which Dan absolutely killed us all in), drinking hot chocolate and napping.  We did lose power for a time but not long enough for us to really start missing it.  It was a great day.

Today, we're having another snow day (I'm really not sure why) but since it rained all yesterday afternoon and night there isn't any good snow to play in, just a mushy, slushy mess.  Also, our basement is flooding and Dan couldn't call in again today so some of the novelty of having a snow day has worn off a bit.  Life at home will be back to business as usual, just with all 4 kids home all day to enjoy in the fun of the daily duties... ha ha.


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

We got your snow up here. Holy moly, is it really March? Wouldn't it have been funny if it snowed like this next week, on SPRING BREAK!

track coach and adorable wife said...

We keep getting slush/snow, but nothing to play in. It makes it a bit depressing. I am ready to get outside some. Looks like you all had fun on that first snowday though!

Jess@themommymiles said...

I am so impressed that you were up and at 'em on such a snowy morning!

Taryn said...

Way to run in that snow! awesome!

Dick said...
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Dick said...

You jinxed yourself with your comment about Spring, Laurie! Serves you right! I wish you could send some of that snow to Klamath County. We've been "officially" declared as being in a drought.

Elizabeth said...

That's CRAZY! Eugene Oregon is getting all that snow and my kids are asking to wear shorts and flip flops to school. It was a beautiful, sunny, warm (73) Spring day in Colorado.

Tell the kids the snowman looks great.