Monday, March 19, 2012

It's Monday... again...

I don't know why, but this day, Monday, just keeps happening.  Week after week, it comes around plaguing me with it's appearance.

We had a pretty low key, holiday weekend.  Usually we go pretty big for St. Patrick's Day.  Dan has some Irish ancestry, so it gives us the excuse to decorate and celebrate with the best of them (well, except for all the beer drinking, although we do splurge for root beer in a bottle... high class, I know).  This year, I think having the holiday on Saturday kind of threw us off a bit.  Friday, Emme put together a leprechaun trap.  Basically, it was an oatmeal container with special St. Patrick's Day paper wrapped around it, then we put a layer of tissue paper on top and some "gold" coins to lure the leprechaun.  Emme read somewhere (she actually did some extensive research in preparation) that leprechauns like to break rules, so she made a sign that said, "Our gold, do not steal".  Emme was worried that the leprechaun would tip the container over and escape so she piled a bunch of books around the container to keep him stationary once he was caught.  I failed to take any before pictures, but here's the aftermath.

This year we caught the leprechaun be he managed to escape.  We think that he knocked the container over and used his gold coins as a ladder.  Lucky for us though he left a little pile of goodies... basically chocolate gold coins, and a few green things that (s)he was able to procure late Friday night.
all the traditional Irish loot... matchbox cars, green bracelets, fingernail polish and hand sanitizer
We had our traditional green breakfast, that this year consisted of green scrambled eggs, green orange juice, green muffins, potatoes O'brien (that's Irish right?) and bacon thrown in for good measure.

The green eggs are always a little bit of a turn off, but it doesn't take long before they're gobbled up.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful.  I went for a rare middle of the day run without a stroller.  I really enjoyed the run.  It was sunny (and rainy at times of course because this is March in Eugene) but it was great to be outside by myself.  I wore my awesome bright green shoes

and my green INKnBurn arm sleeves, along with a nice green headband and was feeling pretty festive.
Luckily, that wasn't all I wore, I did have on a skirt and shirt too... wouldn't that have drawn some nice looks... a big pregnant lady running in just shoes and arm sleeves... ugh, bet you're going to have a hard time erasing that mental picture from your minds.  :P

Anyway, mentally, the run was awesome, however physically is a slightly different story.  I only went 6 miles but I was just dead afterwards.  I've noticed that it is taking a lot more effort to do even the simplest runs.  I was really sore for the rest of the weekend and felt like it was the first time I had ever gone running.  I don't feel that I pushed myself too hard, but I can tell it is taking me a lot longer to recover from even the more simple runs.  Yay, pregnant running... ha ha.

We pushed our corned beef and cabbage dinner from Saturday night to Sunday afternoon, which was a good choice.  It was nice to just put it in the slow cooker and have it ready for us when we got home from church at 3pm.  For dinner on St. Patrick's Day, we had pizza instead, well, I had Lucky Charms, those are definitely Irish, no?!

This week is looking to be a busy one, but that's good because next week is Spring Break and we'll have plenty of "down time".  I have a doctor's appointment in about an hour, so I should probably start getting off of the computer.  I'm down to appointments every 2 weeks... this pregnancy is going waaaaaaaay too fast.  As much as I don't really care for being pregnant, it's sure a lot easier being pregnant than recovering from labor and caring for a newborn.  That's the problem with having more than one child, I know exactly what I'm in for and as much as I'm excited about seeing our new little one, I know the work that it will involve and I'm slightly apprehensive.


Marci said...

You are the best mom. Next year I'm coming to your house for St. Patrick's.

JazznJenna said...

I'm beginning to think St. Patrick's Day is one of my favorite holidays. I loved your leprechaun trap, and Emme's "do not steal" note idea was so cute!

Best wishes in your final few weeks of the pregnancy!