Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I love school.

There are some mornings where it amazes me the amount of energy my children have before the sun has even come up and how much trouble they can get into between the hour or so between waking and walking out the door for school.  It is days like this that I am so grateful for school and the fact that I have two kids old enough to attend.  I stand in complete awe of the people that are able and willing to homeschool their children.  Personally I know that I could never do it.  I don't have the patience.  My kids and I need that space that school provides.

Today, the kids got up, got dressed, ate breakfast, made their beds, brushed their teeth and had their coats on with 20 minutes to go until time to leave.  Wow, that's great and efficient, you might be thinking, good for you for not rushing until it was time for them to be late.  However, what that meant was they had 20 minutes with nothing to do but wait to leave for school.  Emme of course wanted to read her book.  Great, fine.  Calvin, however thought it would be a great idea to make fun of Emme's book and began chanting "The Lion, The Witch & Wario"  to which she would respond, "It's Wardrobe!!!!"  This went on for a bit until his chant simply became "Wario! Wario! Wario!" and was accompanied by a little foot stomping diddy to the tune.  This, in turn, left Emme literally writhing in pain on the couch.  Part of the problem was they had each been sequestered to a different piece of furniture that they were admonished, "Not to move from until it was time to leave!"  (Again, never make a punishment for your children that you will come to regret.)  All this could be avoided if my kids would try to sleep in, just a little bit later... like 7 or 7:15 even.  Sure we might be rushing to get them out the door to school on time, but at least we wouldn't be ready to strangle each other before they left.

When it was finally time that they could head off to school, Calvin was off the chair and out like a rocket and I heard Emme exclaim, "It's about time!  Thank goodness!"  Thank goodness, indeed.  Hooray for school.  Too bad it's early release day.  :S


Stephanie said...

I feel your pain. I'm right there with you.

Elizabeth said...

Glad it's not just me that feels that way some (most) mornings. The kids typically have 50 minutes from when they wake up and the bus comes. Now that it is getting warmer in the mornings, I can send them down early! I am glad to be able to give them the opportunity to socialize with others... all day! Another reason my kids MUST have perfect attendance.

JazznJenna said...

Oh, I was cringing with the "Wario" chant. That's the kind of thing that just ruins a mom's day! It's a good thing that it happened before school instead of after, so you could have that easy out. ...and curse those early release days! ; ) The only consolation I can come up with at times like these is to think "I'd probably be more miserable than this if I weren't able to have children."...well...maybe. Right? Have a great mommy day!

Janet said...

Sorry for your hectic mornings. Mine were always crazy too. However, I never had all my kids getting up early, only you. The rest of them were hard to get out of bed and I had to deal with fighting them to get up on time to make the bus. They didn't have time to fight and argue with one another in the mornings. Hope your day was good.