Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Does 2 have to be terrible?

I'm thinking in this little boy's case, no.

Although I thought the same thing when Calvin turned two

and well, he went from the sweetest little thing alive to an absolute terror, almost overnight... but this isn't about Calvin, it's mostly about Jonny.

Yesterday, Jonny turned 2.  It seems like just yesterday he was turning 1(and I was being lazy with a store bought cake).
Now, he's two though and I thought he deserved a nice cake like I've made the other kids for every single one of their birthdays (except Leona, who also got store bought cupcakes, no less, for her 1st) so we went with the puppy theme.  Last summer, I made a puppy cake for my friend's daughter's first birthday (wow, that makes me feel really bad that I was such a slacker for Jonny) and so I didn't have to do much research. I spent a lot more time making Maebel's cake last summer, 

and I have to say that I think it is a bit (okay, extremely) cuter than Jonny's, but Jonny recognized that his cake was a puppy and all that chocolate frosting was super tasty.

Both cakes were supposed to have long shaggy hair, like the tutorial that I found HERE, but I can't seem to get a grasp on using the grass decorating tip, so a star it was.  It definitely didn't stop Jonny from having a taste before we even had dinner.
The rest of the day's activities included:

  • a "silly hat party" that mostly consisted of the kids putting something on their heads and lining up in our traditional picture spot in front of the windows and making faces at the camera

  • opening presents... which Jonny was pretty meticulous about

  •  then singing, blowing out candles, and eating cake.

although, Jonny found the toys much more fun than the cake
not Leona, she was all about the cake and ice cream

After cake, we hurried to put the kids in bed before the sugar kicked in and we completely lost control of them (you should've seen them twitching in their sheets trying to lay still) then I headed out for my run, while Dan had some nice relaxing moments to himself.  After my run and shower I checked on the kids before heading down to bed.  Not surprisingly, Jonny was not in his bed.  This time I found him all snuggled up with Calvin.

 That silly kid.


me/mom/NANA said...

Papa says he has NEVER known of any of his grandchildren doing anything wrong so Jonny,s up coming year should be a "piece of cake" for everyone around. Good luck with that. Love the photos. Looks like he had a fun day.

Emz said...


You run
you mom
you wife
you friend
you nurse [plus 87 other jobs "mom's" do]
you back insanely awesome cakes?!?!?!

you rock.

Korin Lopez said...

I am so impressed with your cake decorating skills! I have zero skills and as a mother of five you would think I would have picked up some type of skill over the years! You are an inspiration with your running and cake decorating skills!!

JazznJenna said...

I love your idea of getting the kids in bed before the sugar hits. Genius!
Your chocolate frosting dog is great, no need to compare it to Maebel's...that's an awful lot of frosting stars, and you did a great job! I really want to make this cake sometime.