Friday, January 20, 2012

We love our Timbers...

Last Saturday, while I was off running 12 miles with Leona and Jonny, Dan took Emme and Calvin to a free soccer clinic put on by the Portland Timbers, "Dribble Oregon".
The Timbers, are without a doubt our favorite soccer team, so it was super exciting for the kids to go and meet up with a couple of the players as well as Timber Joey.  They had an awesome time at the clinic where Emme managed to get a couple of goals on keeper Jake Gleeson and even managed to get her picture in Sunday's paper:
Both kids were also able to score some airtime on the local news, no speaking parts, but some nice kicking ones:

both images, I lifted via screen shots from here (which is also where you can watch the clip if you want)
While the Timbers players, Jake Gleeson and Eric Brunner, were in town they planted a few trees, held the soccer clinic and then met up with the Echo Squadron, Eugene's subgroup of the Timber's Army.  They also had similar adventures in Klamath Falls, Bend, and Salem.  I think it's pretty cool that they are traveling around the state getting kids excited about Oregon's very own MLS soccer team.

Here are a few pics that I didn't have to steal:
Calvin (in green) passing with Eric Brunner

Emme (tie dye and braids) waiting to get autographs
Last spring, Emme and Calvin also had the opportunity to go to a Timber's match and escort players out on the pitch (if you missed that post, you can check it out HERE).  I think our plan to make sure the kids are obsessed about the Timbers as Dan and I are (mostly Dan, although I'm coming around too) is working out quite well.

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Lindsey and Isaac said...

I thought I recognized Calvin's awesome hair on the news! So cool!