Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My evil plan... it's working, muah ha ha.

I'm slowly but surely turning my mom into a running fanatic like myself.  I am so proud.  :)

Yesterday afternoon, after talking about the benefits of doing speed workouts on a treadmill vs a track or just her regular running route, I introduced my mom to the wonderful gem (in my opinion, at least) that is Runningwarehouse.com.  See, my mom has been running in the same exact shoes for a very, very, very long time... we're talking years here.  Not only does she run in them, for the most part when she's not at work, I think she wears them for everyday shoes too.  Needless to say, they have a lot, a lot of miles on them.  As she has been running more steadily and picking up her mileage those worn down shoes are starting to be more noticeably uncomfortable and most likely causing some of the extra aches and pains that she is experiencing.  For probably the last 6 months, I've been trying to convince her that she needs to invest in some new running shoes.  Some shoes that she can train in and will take her to her first half marathon in May.

Let me give you a little background on my mom.  She is the most unselfish and practical person I've ever known.  Without a doubt she's of the philosophy "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without."  She never, and I really mean never, splurges on herself.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but there are times where it's a good thing to pamper oneself even if only ever so slightly.  So anyway, the thought of purchasing brand new running shoes, even though her other ones mostly seemed fine, took a lot of getting used to for her.  I like a good challenge though, so I've been working on her and last night she finally caved.

Enter runningwarehouse.com.  Yesterday afternoon, I was checking out their site and found some great running shoes on their sale page that I thought would work for my mom.  So, after I knew my mom was back from her 3+ mile run I called her up and dangled the bait in front of her nose.
"Hey mom, I found some really pretty Nike Pegasus shoes on sale online."
"But I don't know what size I need."
"Well, that's the awesome thing, with free shipping and free returns if you order a size that doesn't work out for you, you aren't out anything, just exchange it for the size you need.  They even send the return postage with your package so you don't have to go to any extra trouble to return them."
"Ooh, I like it when companies do that."
So, I told her where she could find the shoes.
"Oh, those are really bright, I kind of like them."
"Plus, with a 15% off deal they are offering to their Facebook fans on all sale items, they would be even cheaper."
Just like that, she was ready to get them.  But wait there's more.  Once she added the shoes into her basket then all the cool deals came up.  Get a free reusable shopping bag with purchase and a free decal.  Also, get some arm sleeves for only $5 and some running socks for only $3.  Thinking about running socks made her realize how much she really likes her pair of compression socks.
"Do they have compression socks on here?"
Done and done.
Now in just two days (assuming the fit works well), my mom is going to be sporting her brand new running shoes:
aren't the purty?!  Source
some arm sleeves:

and some really high quality compression socks
that she can tote around in her Running Warehouse shopping bag
she went with the green one... Go Ducks!
... all of which she got a great deal and free two day shipping on!  Yep, pretty sure I've created a monster.

I realize I probably sound like a paid solicitor for runninwarehouse.com, but I've been meaning to post my love for their company for a long time.  I've ordered many, many, many things (read too many, probably) from them and have never been disappointed.  They usually have amazing deals and on the rare occasion that I had to speak with customer service I have been very pleased with their knowledge and compassion.

I know it's probably better to support one's local specialty running store, which I do when I can (I love, love, love Eugene Running Company... trust me, they've received their fair share of my money too), but sometimes a good deal is a good deal and it can't be passed up.  In addition, not everyone (like my mom for example) has a running store that they can frequent.

It should be noted that although on several different occasions I had a few items in my virtual shopping basket I did not purchase a thing (even though there was a skirt that is absolutely perfect for the Hippie Chick Half in May and some nice Brooks arm sleeves and, a top that was on sale and a sports bra...).  I'm very proud of myself, I remained very strong.  This time I'm just going to have to live vicariously through my mom and be super excited about her new goodies... which I honestly am.


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Your mom is so great...love her!

That skirt is perfect of HC, so perfect. Do they make it in a maternity size for you?

trifitmom said...

the shoes are pretty !! and loving that your mom is a runner

Raina said...

I can't imagine my mom running. That is just awesome that your mom is, and that you would help her to see the practical side of good (newer) shoes.

Wondering if I could use any of your photos for a Eugene Marathon post I am working on.?? I would be sure to link to you!

JazznJenna said...

I love that your mom is taking up running too. And I also love that you mentioned in your other post that she's up to running 6 miles for her "long runs" right now, and how you believe that from there, she can get up to half-marathon shape in no time. The longest I've ever done in one stretch is 10K, but I have yet to consider doing a half...maybe if it's not that much harder than a 10K, I could consider it sometime? I'll just keep reading your blog and I'd be surprised if I don't dare to undertake that someday. We'll see what happens!

Marci said...

That skirt is the bomb! We should all get matching ones.

Elizabeth said...

I loooove Running Warehouse! I have given them far too much money in the last year. Can't pass up the deals AND free shipping!

Laura Boll said...

I would LOVE to get my mom into running, but I don't see that happening...she's very active, but doesn't have much interest in exercise for the sake of exercise. Exciting that she's catching the bug! :)