Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Mumblings

I'm not a big fan of Monday.  I don't know why... I should be excited, Emme and Calvin go back to school, Dan goes back to work and I have the whole brand new week ahead of me.  Plenty of time to do some cleaning and laundry and baking and since it just started I'm not yet behind on anything.  However, as the day is slowly ticking away all grey and drizzly outside, I'm having a hard time getting motivated to do much of anything.  There is lots of stuff I want to do, but I guess I just don't know where to start.  Do you ever have those days?

Leona really wants to go running.  I need to go running and I will go running at some point today, I'm just not sure if it is on the top of my priorities right now.  I suggested that maybe I go running tonight after she is in bed, but she is insisting that she and Princess Cinderella and Princess Aurora and Princess Tina and Jonny and some graham crackers would really, really, really like to ride in the stroller for a while.  It's kind of hard to argue with that.  I think that girl will be genuinely sad when the new baby comes and she loses out on stroller time.  Maybe I need to look into a triple jogger?!  ha ha.  I'm sure that I'll be happier later tonight if I've already gone running so most likely we'll head out in the next half hour or so... buuuuut I'm still not really feeling it.  Decisions, decisions.

The weekend was mostly uneventful.  Emme had her first ever sleep over and surprisingly made it the whole night at her friend's house.  She felt pretty grown up, I think, doing so.   I woke up sort of early to do my long run on Saturday.  The plan had been to leave by 6am, but I ended up sleeping in a bit and not getting out the door until 7.  The later time, coupled with the figure 8 loop I planned that brought me past my house a little over half way through the route, wasn't a good combination.  It was too warm for my coat, but my hands were freezing so I stopped off at home, after the first 6 miles, to pick up my gloves.  Everyone was happy to see me and it should have been the time I was done, but with the later start, I still had close to an hour left.  I suggested to Dan that maybe I was tempted to be good at 6 but then told him I'd stick it out for the remaining 5... he was very encouraging and of course I didn't regret doing the whole 11 miles.

No real plans for the week.  It's actually somewhat of a step back week as far as training goes, so no double digit runs.  The kids don't have school on Friday, so I'm thinking possibly about some big plans for the weekend, but we'll have to see how it all works out.  Hope you are enjoying your Monday... I'll try to get a bit more chipper about mine.  Ugh, I don't like Monday.


Tricia said...

have a great week!

Micha said...

I got a text from Jim about 11:30 that said he just saw a pregnant lady with a jogger... my reply was to ask if it was you and evidently it was :) Hope you have a good week!