Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Just some randomness...

Emmeline and Calvin went back to school today.  This is a great thing.  This is something everyone and I mean everyone needed.  In all honesty, I probably needed them to go back more than anyone else but it is a good thing for everyone that school is back in.  Now I have the ability to get a bit done during the day.  The bad thing is, today is an early release day so my time to catch up today is limited... buuuuuut there is always tomorrow and Friday.  :)  Yay school!!

I really enjoyed Christmas break, it was a lot of fun but it was also really stressful.  I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that I didn't run a single day of it.  Running keeps the stress out of my life.  Instead, I took a full two week recovery period from my 50K.  I did go for a run on Monday because Dan had the day off and it felt good.  Actually it kind of hurt, it kind of felt like I hadn't run in two weeks, that in that time my pregnancy had progressed two weeks, therefore my belly had grown two weeks worth oh and that I had spent that entire two weeks eating all kinds of garbage.  Other than that though, it did feel good to be running.  :)

Over the break I learned that it is absolutely futile to try and deep clean a house while 4 children are cooped up inside of it.  I also discovered that if the deep cleaning doesn't quite get done the way one wants it to, company probably won't notice and if they do they will probably be kind enough to not call you out on it.  I guess that's the good thing about only having family over for company, when it all comes down to it, do I really care what they think of my housekeeping skills?  I lived with my parents for 17 straight years and then a bit more here and there, they know I'm not a cleaner.

With the new year, lots of people are talking resolutions and goals for the year.  My running is kind of taking a back burner this year and that is normally what I would focus my goals around.  I have a friend that adopted from another friend a one word theme for the year.  I think this is a great idea and have decided to do the same.  My word is CALM.  I wrote it on the chalkboard in our kitchen to help me focus on it for a while.
I think it is a great word that I can apply to so many different aspects of my life.  I think it will help me to be a better mom and a more patient person overall.  I think it will also help me with my running.  It will remind me that what little bit of running I am able to accomplish over the next year is as a way to bring peace to my mind and strength to my body without necessarily training for anything.  I'm having a hard time letting go of my paces and constantly trying to push myself to be a better runner but I know that right now training isn't something that I can do.  I will enjoy my running.  I will run what and when I can and it will have to be enough.

Do you have a word that you'd like to focus on this year?  My strength, change, purpose, desire, succeed... the options are limitless.


JazznJenna said...

I like your idea of having a one-word theme. I could definitely benefit from focusing on "calm", too. Nonetheless, I think I'm leaning towards...HAPPY. No matter what I'm doing or where I am, I would like to find that I can be happy in that thing. Making the most of my given situations.

My mileage has decreased lately too. I just can't bring myself to run outside when it's below freezing. I realized today though that we're already in January, which means we're just about half-way done with winter, almost! I'm trying to just "hang in there", with my eyes closed almost, and can't wait until I open my eyes again and find warmer weather outside. Meanwhile, I'll keep putting warm mileage on my aerobic step!

Anonymous said...

Calm is a great focus word for the year... I haven't picked one in particular, but hope to work on simplifying, taking life one day at a time, enjoying quality family time, etc. I felt the same way when pregnant about wanting to race, but knowing that time would come back again.

Shannon said...

Thanks for visiting my blog recently. I'm happy to discover you too! Great post and great word for the year. I think the calm will continue to come the more we let go of our worry about what other people will think and continue embracing our true selves. I am getting much more relaxed about having a messy house (not always though!) and when I start freaking out about toys around the house I remind myself that needing toys to be put away with young children is an "unrealistic demand." We are all much happier and feel calmer when when I lighten up! Be well and happy new year.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaah I am loving your blog! I forget how I even found it... Can I adopt your word theme? The first word that popped into my mind was "patience". I have absolutely zero of it, I'm hoping that focusing on the word will bring my mind peace!

I'm also due in May :)