Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Holy Highwater, Batman!

Yesterday, I finally sucked up enough motivation to get out the door for my run.  I'm glad that I didn't wait until the evening to do it.  As it was, we didn't leave until a little after 11am, which meant that both kids were ready for their naps and were asleep within the first mile.  I only had 5 miles planned, which wouldn't make for very long naps and since both Leona and Jonny are in a one nap a day mode (if that) I figured I needed to draw it out as long as possible.  I considered adding mileage onto my run... maybe turn it into an 8 mile loop, but after contemplating that momentarily I opted to make it a really slow, sight seeing kind of 5 mile run instead.  My first stop (if you don't count the Honey Bucket by the lacrosse fields, which was surprisingly clean by the way... gotta love pregnancy bladder) was EWEB plaza.  There is no question that the Willamette River was looking a bit higher and dirtier than usual but I was shocked to see how high it really was.  I ran this exact route on Saturday and the water was no where near as high as it was yesterday.  I as truly amazed because (not withstanding today) it has hardly rained the past few days.  

The river viewpoint at EWEB plaza was totally flooded:

Here is the same spot, last summer:
 I was quite surprised to see the water so high, but continued on my run.  As I was crossing the  DeFazio bridge, I was amazed to see how high the river really was.

 My intended route was completely submerged.

 The ducks were sure enjoying swimming down it though:

Luckily there are plenty of places to run through Alton Baker Park, so I didn't have to alter my route too much.  It's dumping buckets again today though, so I would imagine that the path won't be draining out anytime soon.  Probably a good thing that I didn't try and run it in the dark... I would have been in for a very wet surprise.

In kid news, Jonny likes to escape from his bed several times every night.  Usually I'm pretty good about catching him and quickly sending him back to it.  Last night, however, I was talking on the phone to my mom when both he and Leona came down the stairs.  I sent them back to bed but then neglected to check up on them.  When Dan got home from studying and we were headed to bed we went up to tuck everyone in and neither Leona or Jonny were in their beds.  After a little bit of searching we found them... tucked neatly in with the few stuffed animals that hadn't been rendered homeless.   Crazy kids!!

Jonny, after we had extricated Leona off of him.
Speaking of Jonny, earlier in the evening, Calvin had been unloading his clothes from the dryer and left the door open... Guess where we found Jonny after dinner?


track coach and adorable wife said...

I love when kids fall asleep in the weirdest places! That is just too cute!

Korin Lopez said...

Holy smokes that is a lot of water! We lived in Washington for a couple of years and one winter we basically had a pond in our back yard! I love that your children fell asleep together in their toy box. So cute!

Catey said...

Wow! I would make a clever comment about cross training and swimming, but I apparently I am running on the very last of my brain cells because I can't come up with one. May should be interesting around here! ;)

Sweetest picture with those two all snuggled together-love it! And Sam has discovered the dryer too recently, one of his new favorite places!

Fruit Fly said...

Your children are such a hoot!!

That river is crazy! The Umpqua seems to get really high one or two times every winter, and then floods my mom's entire back yard. We never really had it as bad this year --- looks like Eugene got all the water instead!

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness, I know that route! You must have had some crazy rain lately. Wow.