Friday, January 6, 2012

8 is Great!

Somewhere in the midst of winter vacation, my ultramarathon, Christmas and our 10th anniversary, Miss Emmeline had a birthday (it was the 26th).  She turned 8, which is a very big deal!

This year to celebrate, we had planned to have a big party at a local gymnastics place and invite a bunch of her friends but as the time grew nearer something about it kind of lost its allure.  Still planning to go forward with the big shindig if that was what she wanted I pitched a new idea just for fun.  The plan, a Mommy Daughter birthday date to see the Nutcracker Ballet and go out to dinner.  It would be just the two of us and we would get all glammed up and have a marvelous time.  I must have been a pretty good salesperson because she went for it.  So this year, instead of a traditional or even over the top birthday party, Emme and I kept it simple and enjoyed some quality time just the two of us.
First we got dressed up and headed to the Hult Center to watch the final performance of The Nutcracker, one of Emme's favorite stories.

 During intermission, we spent some time in the lobby looking at all the fun "treasures" to buy.  After a little deliberation and puppy dog eyes, Emme decided on a very pretty snow globe that had Clara inside holding up the nutcracker.  She love, love loved it.
 (Sad story:  two days after our outing, while "cleaning the globe" with a paintbrush, she managed to drop her prized treasure on our hardwood floors where it of course shattered all over the place leaving her in tears.  Even sadder story:  after searching all of Eugene for a "replacement" globe Santa finally found one that was nowhere near the original but had hummingbirds and played "Fur Elise" to put in her stocking.  This became the new prized possession and favorite Christmas treasure until late Christmas Day (less than 6 hours after receiving it), Jonny managed to send it shattering all over our yurt floor.  That left both Emme and me in tears and Dan laughing at the irony of it all.  I think we'll hold off on snow globes for a bit.)
 After the play was over, which I'll admit I had a hard time staying awake for... in my defense, I did run 31 miles the day previously... we headed to Denny's for breakfast & milkshakes (Emme's choice).
 On Emme's real birthday (which occurred the morning of our return trip from the yurt) we celebrated with candles in a donut then a quick trip back to Eugene were we opened Christmas presents from grandparents.  Once Christmas was out of the way, we cleaned up a bit and got ready for Emme's birthday.  Normally we would have done Emme's presents at the yurt but this year's gift was a group gift that wouldn't fit in the car.
Dan was sneakily putting the bike together while we cleaned up.

We made Emme close her eyes so it would be a surprise and plug her ears (because I knew the first thing Leona would say is "A NEW BIKE!!!" which she did).  She opened her eyes but was so excited she forgot to unplug her ears.

 Then of course it was immediately outside to test it out.  It's much bigger than her old bike (which was way, way, way to small) and took a bit to get used to but she's got it down now.
 All she needs is a basket and a bell thingy and she'll be set to cruise the streets of Eugene in style.

A week after Emme's birthday, we were lucky to have most of our families in town to celebrate Emme's baptism with her (which is something in our church we do at 8 years old).  This was a super special day for Emmeline and brought what was close to 3 weeks of birthday celebrating to a nice close.

It was pretty mean of me to wear heels while Dan was standing there barefoot.  :)


XLMIC said...

Happy 8 to Emme!!!!

We have similar snowglobe troubles here. Tragic and tears.

Your kids are just lovely :) As are you :)

Elizabeth said...

Congrats and Happy Birthday to Emme. We opted for plastic snow globes - no broken glass when they are dropped. They have their own issues... They melt if you put a very hot rice heat pack on them. (Just ask Kyler)

Raina said...


We love the nutcracker. I have only been 2 or 3 times, once as a kid. Beautiful to see all the dancers in costume.

Snow globes don't last long around here either. ...How/where do you find a plastic snow globe? I need to get on this.

OK I might have missed a post, but do you live in a yurt? Just visiting the coast again?? :)

Kristin said...

oh man, the snowglobe story had me laughing! We have had nearly the exact same thing happen in our house. And my mother still have the kids miniature snow globes this year. What was she thinking?

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Oh, the snow globe tragedy of 2011. I know she'll look back one day and be able to laugh about it.

8 is great!

Heather said...

Exciting days for your family, Laurie! Happy birthday, Emme!