Monday, January 9, 2012

20 Weeks and a Plan

According to the magic numbers on the calendar, today marks the "official" halfway point of my pregnancy.  It's all downhill from here... ha ha.  To celebrate, last night, I sat down and figured out a training plan and wrote it all down with renewed desire to get out the door and get running.  It's an 18 week plan... I have 20 weeks until my due date on May 28th.  Hopefully it will keep me going & motivated throughout the rest of my pregnancy.

It's been a long time (over a year) since I trained for anything shorter than a marathon.  Although I ran a half marathon last year, it was between two other marathons and Hood to Coast, which was basically a marathon itself so my mileage was still pretty high.  I've never trained for anything while pregnant.  Okay, that isn't entirely true, when I was pregnant with Jonny, I quasi-trained for a couple of 5Ks, but I'm not really counting that.  Outside of the weekly long runs between 10-14 miles (which could be dicey), I really think I'll be able to handle training through this pregnancy.  I went into creating the plan with a much different outlook than I normally would.  Basically lower weekly mileage, topping out at 36 miles (coincidentally at 36 weeks) but most weeks mid 20 mile weeks and no paces.  I did include a little bit of speed and tempo work but it isn't there with set paces or any real expectations on my part.  My goal is basically to maintain fitness levels and stay in half marathon shape.  I know that I won't be getting any faster... most likely only slower.

My real goal is to be able to run the entire 40 weeks but especially to be able to complete the Hippie Chick Half at almost 38 weeks, with my mom.  I didn't run much with Emme.  I ran a little bit more with Calvin.  With Leona I ran up until 8 months when the pool opened then went to lap swim right up until two days before I had her.  With Jonny, my last run was 4 miles on January 5th, two months to the day before I had him.  I've never run past the 8 month mark.  I know it can be done. I just haven't done it. I'm hoping that I can do it too.  I know with Leona I stopped running because the pool opened and I preferred lap swim.  With Jonny, I think I stopped because it was January and February and rainy and cold.  The best I can ask for is to just keep going... even if it is at a much slower pace and occasionally (or more than that) involves a fair amount of walking.

To prove to myself that I am serious about my new plan, I got up early this morning to get my run in.  3 easy miles at just before 5:30am.  I feel good for having gone.  The run felt okay.  I'm definitely already slowing a great deal... my easy effort is definitely not what it was a month ago and I can feel myself shuffling my feet a bit more.  I wore my Gabrialla maternity fitness belt that I got when running while pregnant with Jonny and I think it helped a bit and will definitely help as I get even bigger.  Even at only 20 weeks, I'm already discovering that Body Glide and I will be becoming much more intimate, my shoes are starting to feel too small and running first thing in the morning means that I am much less likely to pee myself.  All good things to know when venturing into the world of pregnant running.  :)

My mom is starting her training for the Hippie Chick Half today too.  I am so excited for her.  She is hesitant in her abilities to run a half marathon, but I know she'll be able to do it.  She's already doing long runs of 6 miles and with 18 weeks to work up the distance she'll be there in  no time.  I'm sending her a training log with her workouts already written out in it as well as inspirational quotes... but don't tell her, it's supposed to be a surprise.  :)

Anyway, that's about it for today.  Since I've come to such a big pregnancy milestone I'll leave you with a belly shot.  Don't worry, these pics will be very few and far between.  I've never documented a pregnancy in pictures before and I'm not sure I'm planning to start now.  It is just my belly because even though it is now closing in on 10am and I have been up since 5, run and showered, I'm still in my jammies and haven't done a thing with hair and makeup... such is the life of a mom with 4 kids and a healthy blogging addiction.  Hope your week is off to a happy start.

Obviously that blur in the background hasn't bothered to get himself dressed yet today either.  :)
Update:  Okay, I lied... you're getting two pics.  I did finally manage to get myself dressed and such, which I think makes a much better picture and if I'm going to be posting belly pictures I should at least feel somewhat okay with them.


Korin Lopez said...

I read your Frozen Trail Run and I am so impressed! That is my goal to complete a 50K. I can not imagine trying it pregnant! I have five kids but my baby just turned five this past week. I wish I would have stayed more active during my pregnancies. Your plan sounds great!

Kristin said...

What an awesome training plan. I'm sorry but love seeing the belly pics! thanks for sharing them. You are such an inspiration.

Amber said...

I hope that when the time comes I'll be able to train during a pregnancy. I have 2 friends that were able to run up until delivery day (though much slower!) so, yes, it can be done but I think the bun in the oven is the one in charge who dictates how long/far you can run. :)

Raina said...

You look great! I think your goals are reasonable, too. I ran with Levi in my belly until week 38, when he dropped and I could hardly walk at that point, and found I could still manage a road bike. I got a lot slower, but still managed a 10k race (Rhody Run) at 36weeks lol & delivered at week 39. SO looking forward to your adventure with this :)

Catey said...

How stinkin' cute are you?!?
I'm eyeing two half marathons in March, but I'll only be 30 and 32wks. Hoping ye olde body holds up after so many pregnancies and lets me run, even if I will be slower than ever. :P Wish I were as ambitious as you!

Fruit Fly said...

Oh my goodness!! I'm so jealous. I want your cute baby belly!