Monday, December 5, 2011

Little things I love...

 1.  Starting the day with a clean kitchen.
 2.  Chocolate pudding.
 3.  Sunday afternoon naps.
 4.  Snuggly toddlers in footie jammies.
 5.  Clean sheets right out of the dryer.
 6.  Brand new socks.
 7.  Chocolate covered gummy bears.

 8.  Christmas cookies.
 9.  Christmas lights.
10.  Bubble baths.
11.  The number 11.
12.  Mom & daughter birthday dates instead of parties.
13.  Cards in the mail.
14.  Having proof that my long run was hard.
15.  Knowing that my next long run is a few weeks away.
16.   Feeling like there is nothing that I have to do this morning.

What are you loving today?  Happy Monday!!


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

#4 and #13. I need stamps!

Laura said...

I love all these things you love :)
What a good way to start Monday!