Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Is it... snowing?!

It was coooooold today when we headed out for our run.  32 "feels like 27" cold.  Which I know really isn't that cold for most people, but for Eugene standards it's considered pretty brisk.  I bundled the kids up in layer after layer after layer.  Undershirts, followed by tights, then footie jammies, then fleece lined pants, long sleeved shirts, more socks, sweatshirts, coats, hats, gloves, a quilt a piece, a fleece blanket to share and topped off with the wind/rain cover.  It only took us around 30 minutes to get out the door too... new record!  The gloves of course came off before we were even out of the driveway, but I think the fact that both kids were asleep within the first 2 miles of our run attested to the fact that as Noni put it they were "snug as bugs in rugs".
With no real agenda and nice peaceful sleeping kids, I stopped several times to admire the flora and fauna of the area.  :)
Basically the frozen spider webs....

 and the foggy river.
While stopped taking pictures though, I noticed a bit of flaking on the stroller and some definite precipitation of a frozen variety.
 Is it snowing?  I looked up at the trees, and although you can't tell from this picture, they seemed a bit white on the top.  Is it snowing though... or is it merely freezing fog?
It became my big quest to figure out if it was actually snowing (which it rarely if ever does in Eugene) or if I was merely running through a patch of freezing fog.  I passed another runner coming at me and I almost asked him if he thought it was snowing but figured this might be a question best pondered to myself (and subsequently out loud on my blog for anyone to read).  I finally decided that it was in fact snowing.  
Can you see the build up of 1/4 centimeter on this bench?!
Maybe this shot will give you a better view... definitely some snow.
Okay, so maybe it was simply a touch of freezing fog.  Either way, it was pretty cool and very cold.  Even after a very long hot, hot, hot shower and lunch of oatmeal, I'm still trying to warm up and I've finally resorted to cranking up the heater for a bit.  Luckily though both of my little munchkins and all 10 of their "little piggies" made it home nice and toasty.


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Nice run. My toes were frozen this morning for the first mile and a half. I don't like this freezing whatever it is.

I heard this weird sound over my music. Turns out it was a brief bit of rain. I miss the rain...

trifitmom said...


Heather said...

Was it around 10 or 10:30 am this morning??? I was driving in my car then and contemplating the same thing--are those SNOWFLAKES on my windshield? Or just frozen bits of cloud (like we could see with our headlamps last Saturday morning in the dark)? Actually, finally went for a run with my headlamp at 5 pm tonight and found myself running through the "clouds" or frozen fog while going thru Hendricks Park. Definitely not snow at 5 pm, but I'd vote yes for this morning (especially based on the smiley face on the park bench). Thanks for the confirmation!

Fruit Fly said...

This run sounds splendid! It looks so pretty - even the spider webs. Chilly, but I'm sure you warmed up pretty darn fast. How fun!