Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Recap Pt.3 - Christmas Day (and the day after)

Let's go ahead and wrap up this Christmas story with a bunch of pictures. We didn't take any presents to the yurt (outside of the pajamas & board games) which made Santa's gifts a lot of fun.

Calvin, last minute, decided he wanted a football helmet and football.  Santa got pretty lucky with this awesome Buffalo Bills helmet, which Calvin absolutely loves and has barely taken off.  He even slept with it... not on, but with it nonetheless.
Emme, wanted books... wish granted, with a couple of bookmarks thrown in for good measure.
Jonny is pretty easy, trucks, balls... kid doesn't complain much.  He even got his own softer version (aka a frog beanie) of a football helmet... although as much as that kid crashes, he could probably have used a real one. (He only had one nose dive off the bunk bed... a couple of really close calls though.)
He was also a big fan of the candy in his stocking...

In fact, it got bad enough that he tried to smuggle

and eventually hide it.
Leona was very happy with her Barbie, fairy, ballerina, princess... just what she had asked for
 although, maybe not quite as thrilled with the traditional orange.

When we got home from yurting, the kids were very helpful in quickly unloading the car so they could open Christmas presents from their grandparents.  Leona was especially excited about the huge package from Great-Grammy.
She tried...
and tried...
and tried to open it.
Meanwhile, everyone else was opening their loot...

Leona eventually gave up and moved on to other presents too.

Finally, after a little help from Daddy, Leona's long awaited prize was delivered... a new pillow!!
We had a very happy Christmas.  It was especially nice having Dan home for a few extra days before and after Christmas.  Sometimes it's hard doing things as a "bigger" family, but for the most part it is very rewarding.  I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas holiday.  Happy belated Christmas wishes from us.


Emz said...

love these photos!!!

That football one is awesome!!
Santa did good!!!

Marci said...

I couldn't read this without wishing that I was one of your kids. You guys are so dang fun.

Fruit Fly said...

I'm going to be honest ... I am really jealous of her new pillow!! My mom gave me some flannel sheets and I was so thrilled with them! Now I want a pillow.