Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Recap Pt.2 - Yurting & Christmas Eve

Last year for Christmas we decided that we would enjoy Christmas in a laid back sort of way with just us and the kids.  To make it more fun, we thought it would be an adventure to head to the coast and stay in a yurt.  Long story, short, we had an amazing time and were happy to repeat the tradition this year.

This year Dan didn't have to work for a couple of days before Christmas, so we headed to the coast midday on the 23rd and stayed until lunchtime on the 26th.  We didn't get the same yurt this year, but instead ended up with a yurt closer to the lake path and with a huge "side yard" where the kids could run around.  It was great.  I was really bad about taking pictures (if you click on the above link, you can get a general idea of what the yurt looked like) but did manage a few with my phone when we went on a nice walk around the lake.

The path itself is a mile, however with all the stepping off the path and zig zagging to see this and that, I'm pretty sure the kids walked almost twice as far.

The 23rd and 24th were perfect weather days.  Nice and dry and not too cold.  We had a lot of fun being outside and enjoying our time together.

Christmas eve brought another walk/exploring adventure for Dan and the older two while I stayed behind to make sure Leona and Jonny got their much needed naps... okay, I took a nap too.  It was lovely.  :)  We came better prepared with food this time and had a super tasty Christmas Eve dinner of soup and crackers... which, trust me, beat last year by leaps and bounds.  Then it was on to opening up the traditional Christmas Eve present of jammies.
Jonny was late coming to the picture 
Apparently he had something in his eye... and slime all over his face.  Gross.

 This year, I threw the kids a surprise and gave them two presents to open....
 a new tradition of a board game to open too... it was a huge hit!!

 Jonny wanted to put on his jammies right away....
 he got really mad, when I merely kept taking pictures instead of helping him change.

After getting ready for bed we attempted to play a few games.  We went with Chutes and Ladders as it was the most completely family friendly game, it didn't go very well though because Jonny wouldn't leave the playing pieces were they went and kept running away with the spinner.

The kids fell asleep pretty quickly and easily which was good, because the one downside of staying in a one room circle with a radius of 20 feet, at Christmas, is Santa's ability to bring his presents without waking everyone up.  :)


Tricia said...

fun tradition!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Aw, another year in the yurt. You really had the best weather for it!

JazznJenna said...

I laughed when you said Jonny kept running away with the spinner. Way to include the best of the fun details. I love your tradition of escaping to the yurt for the weekend. And the board game gifts--great idea : )!