Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Running in the clouds...

Monday, poor Dan stayed home sick from work.  For some reason when he's home, I kind of just want to lounge around all day and not accomplish anything.  Monday is usually a running day for me, but I thought with him home, it would be a good day for me to take a rest day.  Dan thought differently.  He thought that since he was home it would be a good opportunity for me to go running, without the kids.  It didn't take much persuasion before I was dressed and headed out the door towards Mt. Pisgah for another attempt to tackle the summit.  At the bottom of the route, the weather was overcast but nothing out of the ordinary for a late November day in Eugene.  As I began the ascent, however, I realized I would soon be running in the clouds.  It was really pretty cool.  
Here is the path in front of me:
 and here is what it looked like behind me:
When I finally got to the top (and yes, there was a fair amount of walking, that hill is brutal... I have a hard time picturing myself tackling it at mile 28 or so of a run... but I'm trying to) there was absolutely no view of Eugene.

Here is a picture of the same view the last time I ran it, so you can get an idea:
It was pretty cool to literally have my head in the clouds (instead of just the figurative sense that I am usually in).  I'm super lucky to have such an awesome husband to constantly keep me motivated and encouraged.  I was a much happier person for going running.  It's too bad he isn't here now to get me out the door....

In other news, Calvin managed to finally (with a little help from Dan) pull out his super wiggly, barely hanging by a thread tooth.
Luckily the tooth fairy even remembered to come... she has been known to be a bit forgetful.

Can you believe that today is the last day of November?!  Where did the year go?!


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Dan is so wonderful. Great pics and run. You chose a hard one for your day without kids!

Joleane said...

Congratulations to your big boy, on losing his 1st tooth! What a huge milestone.
Tell him we're all proud of him!