Monday, November 28, 2011

Please curb your cow...

We had a great Thanksgiving holiday.  I managed to get in a soaking wet run before we left on Wednesday, which helped me to learn that not only is my waterproof running jacket not waterproof, neither is the console pocket on my stroller that I keep my phone in when I'm running.  When I got back to the house, I opened the pocket to find my phone submerged in an inch of water.  I though for sure it was lost forever, but it seems to be hearty and by the end of the weekend it was working again.  Whew, lucky me.

Thanksgiving was awesome.  I went for a lovely 2 mile run with Dan then ran a mile to my grandma's house where I met up with my mom for an additional 5 1/2 miles.  It was a lot of fun running with both my mom and with Dan and between the two of them I almost doubled the miles I had originally planned to run.  This made it possible for me to absolutely overindulge on yummy food and way too much pie at Thanksgiving.

Friday I hit up Fred Meyer for their super awesome 50% off sock sale.  I really, really wanted to sleep in, but it's kind of become a tradition for my mom and I and we are in desperate need of socks in our house so early bird shopping I went.  I also hit up the new Twilight movie with my mom and grandma (my grandma, being an enormous Taylor Latuner fan exclaimed when we pulled into the parking lot and she saw his picture, "There's my man!") which was actually a little better than I anticipated it being.  Friday night we also had a lot of fun at my Grandma's Christmas Party although poor Dan and Calvin couldn't make it because they were both sick, sick, sick.  :(

Saturday, I headed out for a nice easy long run by myself.  I hit up my go to running route when I'm visiting Klamath Falls, the OC&E trail, 100 miles of train route turned pedestrian/equestrian/bike path that runs from Klamath Falls to the Sycan Marsh. 

Most of the trail that runs through Klamath is now paved and is the only part that I've ever run on.  It's a nice straight shot with cows and farmland and lovely mountain views.

You should've seen the looks this cow was giving me.
Of course, with the cows come occasional "cow droppings".  I think I'll have a hard time complaining about people not curbing their dogs from now on.
When I got to my originally planned turn around point I decided to keep going and run on the non-paved portion of the trail.  The awesome thing about an out and back run is how easy it is to add mileage on.  You only have to go one more mile to add two onto your route.

It was cold and the trail was frozen.  There was absolutely no one around and I really enjoyed running somewhere that I had never run before.  Although it wasn't the beautiful green and tree filled paths I am used to, it was a different kind of beauty that I enjoyed just the same. I'd love to go back sometime and completely skip the paved portion and do some real distance on the dirt trails.  All-in-all, it was a great run and a great weekend.  And what picture heavy post wouldn't be complete without a less than flattering self-portrait of me?!  Hope you all had a great holiday weekend.  Now on to the week...


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Great run, love the pictures. You got so lucky with your phone!

Congrats to your Ducks, BTW!

Michelle said...

LOVE the photos, it looks spectacular. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving :)

Janet said...

Thanks for running with me when you were home. I had a great run because it didn't seem as far when you were with me and talking to me the whole way. Glad your phone survived.