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BTB Sunglasses Product Review: You won't shoot your eye out!

I don't usually run in sunglasses.  I actually used to always run in sunglasses but then I had an unfortunate incident where I put my glasses on the top of the stroller while I reprimanded tended to the kiddos, then promptly forgot about them (the glasses, not my kids) while crossing the street quickly.  It just so happened they fell off in front of the stroller somehow and I managed to gracefully (ha ha) run over them.  RIP light blue Oakley's that predated my marriage and subsequently my kids.  For some reason, I never replaced them.  Many, many times I have been out for a run and wished I had sunglasses, most recently this summer when I was running in St. George, yet I never broke down and bought any.

Enter BTB Sunglasses.  They generously offered me a pair of glasses to try out and thus ended my several year sunglasses drought.  It took me a few days to decide which pair I wanted to try (me indecisive, no, really?!).  They have some great looking ladies sunglasses as well as some pretty cool running sunglasses.  I almost got a bitchin' pair that had bright blue lenses, from the 800 series, but ultimately went with the BTB 200, "A traditional "full frame" glass known for it's style and fit".
Aren't they puuuurty and oh so stylish?!
Before I get more into my experience, let me school you a bit on BTB sunglasses in general.  Straight from their website:
They are simply what they say... well made glasses, that look sharp and don't cost a fortune.  Which to people like me (with 4 crazy kids always stealing and breaking my stuff) is a huge selling point.  I want to look good, I want to have something durable, but if, heaven forbid, some freak accident (hit & run jogging stroller incident perhaps?) befalls my beloved glasses I don't want to spend the next several months mourning the month's rent I forked out and in turn lost on them.  I'd rather respond with, "Well, that sucks but at $34.95 I can probably spring for another pair."

In addition, BTB sunglasses are the only glasses I know of that boast lenses that can withstand being shot with a 12-gauge shot gun.  You'll never have to worry about bugs in your eyes again when wearing those babies... nothing will get through.  Maybe if Ralphie had been wearing a pair of BTB glasses his Christmas wish would've been better received... less talk of shooting his eye out.  :)

So, BTB, in case you're wondering stands for "Be the Ball".  Basically, BTB Sunglasses were,  "started in part to help fund the BTB Foundation", which is designed to help combat childhood obesity by encouraging kids to get out of the house and play sports.  A portion of each sale from a pair of BTB sunglasses goes directly to the BTB foundation, which I think is awesome!  I'm a big fan of kids playing sports and being active.  (If you'd like to grab a badge for your blog in support of the program, you can get one HERE.)

Anyway, back to me and my experience (because that's really what it's all about right?!  ME. ME. ME) with BTB sunglasses.  When I first received my pair, I was pretty happy to find them in a nice little box:
and inside that, a nice little optic-fiber pouch:

I put them on and wore them around the house for a bit.  I first noticed that they seemed fairly light, fit my face well without squishing my head, and most importantly, weren't so close to my eyes that my eyelashes batted against the lens... I hate it when that happens.  I wanted to take them for a test run but alas it rained for about the next week straight and, I know it will be hard to believe, but even I can't look cool wearing sunglasses in the rain.  Then all of my running happened before the sun came up, which was then followed by a week of rest, followed by more early morning running, followed by a marathon, followed by another week of rest, which finally brought us to this week.  The week were I finally managed to get in a few runs, in the sunshiny light of day and give the glasses a real go.  (Here come the awesome self-portraits you've been waiting for.)

Run #1:  An easy 3 miler with all 4 kids (2 on bikes) and a layover at the park.  100% sunshine.
best thing about wearing glasses - you can look directly into the sun for a self-portrait and not have to squint
I had absolutely no issues with the glasses.  I wore them for the entire 3 miles and was glad to have them as it was super sunny.  It was nice to wear them at the park while my kids ran around.  When I got home I didn't have any funny lines are marks on my face to giveaway the fact that I'd been wearing sunglasses for the last few hours (we were at the park for quite a while... I don't quite run that slowly.)

Run #2:  A slightly longer 5 miler, this time with just the stroller. Mix of clouds and sun.
I think the glasses look a lot more hardcore when paired with a black shirt.
It was quite a bit cooler on the 5 mile run and at first I had some issues with the lenses fogging up but they seemed to clear off fairly quickly.  The nose piece is a very soft material that fits comfortably on my nose and I never once got annoyed with them.  On this run, I noticed that even when the clouds covered up the sun I could still see really clearly with the glasses on.  They don't seem to distort images at all, and if possible, almost made my surroundings more vivid.

Overall, I was very pleased with my two test runs in the BTB glasses and look forward to wearing them more in the future... assuming the sun can hold out, this is fall in the Willamette Valley after all.  They really do seem to be quality glasses that are well worth the price.  I'm happy with the pair I got but I think I might like to invest in another, more colorful pair too.

If you're in the market for a new pair of sunglasses or just feel like treating yourself, you should check out BTB Sunglasses.  Just tell them I sent you... or rather input the code LAURIE25 and you'll get 25% off any one pair of glasses!  I'm not a super math genius but last time I checked 25% off of less than $50 = a really great deal... what are you waiting for go check them out now!!

Fine print:  I received a pair of BTB Sunglasses to test out and review.  The opinions expressed on this blog are entirely my own.

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