Friday, October 7, 2011


  • I got a flu shot yesterday.  After the great Halloween flu monster struck our family last year, we decided this year we would try and ward that bug off.  It didn't hurt at all when I got it but within an hour my arm felt like someone hit it with a sledge hammer.  I felt like a wimp all day but could hardly lift my arm.  I felt a little bit better when Dan got home from work and said that his arm was killing him too (he got a flu shot at work)... at least we could be wimps together.  I got poked in my left arm so that I would still be able to accomplish tasks (like brush my teeth, spank my children soundly... you know all the important things) with my dominant arm.  Unfortunately though, I usually sleep on my left side and every time I rolled over on my left shoulder last night it woke me up because it was throbbing.  Ouch.
  • Last night my Duck's beat up on Cal.  It wasn't quite the slaughtering I had hoped, but it was still a pounding at 43-15.  Cal didn't even get a chance to score in the second half.  Unfortunately though, our phenom running back, LaMichael James went down early in the 3rd Quarter with an arm injury.  It looked absolutely awful on the replay.
EUGENE, Ore. -- When Oregon running back LaMichael James hit the turf early in the fourth quarter against California, he knew right away his right elbow was dislocated.
So he took a painful but effective course of action.
"I panicked," he said. "It was out so I popped it back in real quick." (from HERE)
Yeah, that "ouch" definitely beats my flu shot.  OUCH!

  • In some non-ouch news I think my knee is feeling a lot better.  It really only gives me issues when I first wake up in the morning or if I'm going down stairs.  Since I'll hopefully wake up race day in time to stretch out pretty well and I'm 99.99% sure there aren't any stairs in our race, I think I'll be ready to go come race day.  Although, some of these "rolling hills" might be a little more maneagable if they did have stairs.  I don't care how small a "hill" is, when placed at mile 23, it isn't going to feel good.
Although, maybe this marathon is only 25.8 miles?  That'd be okay.  :)

Completely unrelated to anything else I've been talking about, I had a lot of cleaning planned for today. I wanted to have our house spic and span going into the weekend so that we could just hang out and relax.  I made myself get the kitchen all in order before getting on the computer and then I had big plans to "help" the kids straighten up their rooms after blogging for a bit.  Although that might be a bit delayed as I've had a couple of "cuddle bugs" feel the need to help me blog.  Guess it wasn't exciting enough for Jonny.  It would be a shame to wake him up.  Is 10am too early for me to take a nap too?!
It's fall, which means it's too early to turn on the heater in our house but it is cold enough to warrant beanies and blankets in the morning.  That and I'm always freezing.

Happy Friday!!  Enjoy your weekend.  Good luck to all the racers... especially those running in Portland on Sunday.  Run Happy & Run Strong!


Arena @ I Run For My Kids... said...

Omg that play looked so bad. We must have missed that, the game was looking like Oregon was going to pull it no matter what so we headed home to bathe kiddos.

Sorry about your flu shot pain.I need to get one of those still. NOT looking forward to it!

Casey said...

I love that time before it's so cold you need to turn the heater on. It felt like it here this past weekend. Today (and the next 5 days) it's 80 degrees.

Bummer about the flu shot. Those things are the pits.

Kristin said...

Laurie- I am dealing with some major IT Band pain. Is your knee pain IT-Band related? If it is, I'd love to chat about you got it to be feeling better. My marathon is in two months and I am worried. It's been a week of icing, motrin, rolling, stretching, resting and swimming.

So glad to hear your knee pain is doing better!