Thursday, October 6, 2011

Little bit of sunshine...

This post is about why I think my husband is the best... so feel free to skip it if you don't want any mushiness in your day.

Yesterday, despite my post about being in love with Wednesdays kind of sucked.  I had great plans for it to be a wonderful day but nothing worked out the way I wanted it to.

First off, my kids have a ton of books that we keep on a bookshelf in Jonny's closet in the boys' room.  Several months ago, Miss Emmeline thought that the "not made of real wood, cheap flimsy bookshelf" would be a great ladder to getting the toys that had been stored in the top of the closet.  Needless to say, it didn't work for her and she and the shelves came crashing down.  We did a "quick fix" which lasted until she must have thought she had lost some weight or the bookshelf had magically become a real ladder and tried to climb it again... this time doing permanent damage to the shelves and hopefully knocking a little sense into herself.  Well, like I said, that was several months ago and up until yesterday, the broken book shelf and all of the books that used to be on the shelves were a huge pile on the closet floor that would come avalanching out anytime you opened the door.  I finally decided I'd had enough of the poor abuse the books were getting and got a replacement bookshelf to fix he problem.  Yesterday was the day that I finally got around to putting it together.  I thought it would be "easy peasy lemon squeezey" and it probably should've been but almost 2 hours later and with enough curses and swears being uttered to wake Jonny from his nap and tear Leona away from Tangled and I still didn't have anything resembling a bookshelf.  Then with the help of Leona and Jonny my job didn't get any easier.  I would have to keep retrieving the screw driver and save the windows from the hammer.  Eventually, I scrapped the instructions and just went by the way I thought it should be and it was done.  So, what should have been 20 minutes max ended up taking up the majority of my morning.  But doesn't it look nice?  Now, I won't let the kids touch the books though.
Shortly after finishing the bookshelf and shelving it, Emmeline and Calvin arrived home from school.  Since it was early release day and I was playing architect, Leona didn't have a nap.  Even though I knew she might be a little bit grumpy, we headed to the library as previously promised.  I couldn't find anywhere within a 2 block radius to park so we settled on the 10 minute parking directly in front of the library.  The library motto for the trip was, "Calm, Quiet & Quick".  Having just received a bogus parking ticket the other day (that's a whole other post) I was not about to overstay the 10 minute limit.  We were quick.  We were far from calm and quiet though.  Leona had a complete meltdown.  First of all, I turned in her puppet that she wanted to keep longer.  Then we couldn't check out a new puppet because the original one hadn't been through the circulation desk yet.  Then someone had checked out every last Dora book in the library and we didn't have time to look for any more.  As she was on the verge of spontaneous combustion, the lady in the checkout line next to me said, "Oh, will you not let her check out the book she really wants to?"  Implying that I'm a bad mom for bringing my 4 children to the library to get books but not getting them the exact books they want.  Mind your own business old lady.

After the library (luckily no parking ticket) we were headed to do some shoe shopping for Calvin.  The goal was Ross, then Target, then Payless then Famous Footwear to find the perfect pair of shoes at the perfect price for us.  Ross was first.  It was a fiasco.  Jonny was mad because he had to be in the basket.  Leona was mad because I wouldn't let her ride on the tricycle.  I don't know what Emme was mad about but I'm sure it was something.  Calvin was mad because I was making him try on shoes and walk around in them.  I was mad because it was taking forever and I had virtually lost control.  Needless to say, when we found a nice pair of Jordan's, in Calvin's size and at a price I was willing to go for we snatched them up, stood in line (foreeeeeever) then I corralled my brood into the car.  As we drove past Target and the other stores I heard little sounds of, "I thought we were going to stop there and look at more shoes."  To which I silently screamed in my head, "Are you kidding me?!"

Then as we were driving home, Leona started crying about the library books again.  Calvin and Emme were fighting over Calvin's new shoes and Jonny was yelling just to not be outdone.  About when I thought I'd had all I could handle, we passed a school with a nice playground.  Thinking we could all use a little fresh air and some run around space, I flipped a quick u-turn and headed to the school.
There isn't too much that a good swing can't cure.  Unless you go super high super fast and it leaves you feeling nauseous.
After we had had as much cold air as we could manage without turning into ice cubes, we loaded back up into the car for a much quieter trip home.

(Here's where my sweet husband comes in.)  Shortly after we got home, Dan walked in the door with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  "I thought you could use a little sunshine today."  The man is a mind reader.
There was not a better day in the world for me to get a bouquet of "just because" flowers.  Day, absolutely made.


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Aw, that Dan is so sweet!

I love how you put the bookshelf together and now the kids aren't allowed at the books. That's the kind of parenting I would do.

Catey said...

Man, what a day!
What a great mom you are for stopping by to swing on the way home! I probably would have just yelled at my kids and sent them all to their rooms when we got home. lol Next time, I will remember the swings! :)
Major points to the hubs too!!

Amanda@runninghood said...

So stinking sweet!!! And good for you for having all those books!!!

Dick said...

At the risk of offending some of your followers who might not agree with me, I believe that the job of being a Stay-at-Home Mom is much harder than anything that will ever be encountered in the office or anywhere else out of the home. I know your mom would sometimes leave the house to keep from killing your's probably a good thing you occasionally get to go for runs without your jogging stroller.

I'm also really glad you married Dan...I couldn't ask for a better son in law.