Monday, October 31, 2011

I ♥ Halloween

What is better than a day where you get to dress however you want and then go knock on random doors to receive bucket loads of candy?!  Absolutely love it.  Originally I planned to finally write up my race report today, but it isn't going to happen.  I am planning to stay up until midnight to register for Hippie Chick though... so maybe I'll get it done then.  Anyway, back to Halloween.

I think some of my love for the holiday has rubbed off on my kids.  They start planning their costumes the day after Halloween for the next year.  Granted, they then change their minds about a billion times and I still don't start making the costumes until about a week before they need to be done, but at least the creative juices are flowing.  This year Leona opted to be a pumpkin, Jonny a dalmatian, Calvin "Super Hero Calvin" and Miss Emmeline is Princess Leia.  Last Wednesday, we went to a Halloween party at church.

Jonny, the now headless dalmatian, enjoyed the cake walk... he would run around and around the numbers stopping to dance every time he passed the music player then as soon as the music stopped he would head straight for the cupcake table and try to steal some treats.  Luckily he finally won one.
Leona had a good time getting her face painted and as for the other two, they had friends there and I didn't see too much of them the rest of the evening.  (In fact, I didn't even manage to see Emme long enough to get a picture of her the entire night.)
We followed the church party up with a party at a friend's house on Saturday evening.  The boys decided they had had enough parties, so we made it a girls' night out.
notice the cool "dalmatian head handbag" ?!

 Check out these awesome "witch's fingers" I took as my side dish.
The girls had a lot of fun at the party, there was a ton of food and a piñata and all went well until they decided to put the Thriller video up on the TV for the dance party.  Having not seen it in quite a while, I forgot how creepy it was (and would be to a 7 year old with an overactive imagination and a 3 year old who is terrified of dogs).  Needless to say, they were quite ready to go before it was over and we had a long talk on the drive home about silly costume make up and playing pretend for TV.  Luckily, though, we made it through the night with no bad dreams.

Yesterday we carved pumpkins...

Leona had fun taking out the guts.
Calvin wasn't a big fan of the guts... in fact he didn't even touch them.
Emme carved her pumpkin entirely by herself.
And Jonny mostly enjoyed getting away with sitting on the table.

Today, I sent the daring duo off to school, where they enjoyed a costume parade this morning, PE, lunch and a couple recesses followed by a Halloween party this afternoon...  of course, I'm sure they squeezed in some math and science too, it is "school" after all.

Tonight we will pick up Dan from work and take the kids trick or treating to "Leona's Fairy Godmother" (Dan's Judge's Assistant... did you follow that?), then a quick dinner before meeting up with a couple of Emme & Calvin's friends for real trick or treating.  Luckily (for the teachers) there is no school tomorrow or the next day (parent/teacher conferences) so we can all sleep in tomorrow... ha ha ha.
As for running, I haven't been doing it... like at all.  I made myself take a full week off after the marathon and had planned to start back up today, but it just didn't happen.  I hope to get back into it this week (maybe as early as tomorrow or later tonight? since I'll be up waiting for Hippie Chick Registration to open... although running in the night time dark on Halloween might not be the smartest thing to do.)

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween... even if you are merely hiding out in your house with all the lights off (like my parents do to avoid trick or treaters).

Race report coming soon... really, really soon... I promise.  :)


Amanda@runninghood said...

You are creating the best memories!! Maybe we can go on a jogger stroller run in Eugene first week of november? We will be hanging out down there. :) That would be a good reason to get back to running! :) Still thinking of registering for Hippie Chick...not so sure soon after Boston.

Janet said...

We don't turn off the lights and hide out. We have out lights on and give out candy until they quit coming. Usually around 9pm.

Raina said...

You look JUST like Cruella! Come on with the race are waiting..

Will Hippie Chick close that fast? Or do you just really want in now??

Runblondie26 said...

Fantastic costumes! You all looked great!

Fruit Fly said...

Those costumes are fabulous! What a really fun Halloween you all had!!