Thursday, September 29, 2011

We should have had a puppy...

While I was getting ready this morning I could hear Leona and Jonny playing nicely together in the living room.  She was throwing a toy across the room then she would yell "go fetch Jonny!" and I would hear him squeal with laughter as he scampered across the hardwood floor, apparently retrieved the toy and brought it back to her.  This went on for a good five minutes.  Every so often, she would praise him, "You're such a good boy Jonny, now do it again."  I could totally picture her rubbing his head while she said it.  Then after one particularly hard throw, it sounded like the toy broke into several pieces to which I heard, "Uh, oh Jonny, Mommy isn't going to be happy."  Turns out the toy was the remote control to the TV and those pieces that went scattering where the batteries and the back to the remote.

In running news, I haven't been talking about my training too much.  Dan went for another run last night and then I introduced him to the wonderful world of "the stick".  I think he was in love.  As for my running, I'm very frustrated with it.  I've been fighting with me knee (and now my hip to an extent) for the  past few months.  I thought things were getting better but then I went on a run last week that left me hobbling home after stopping repeatedly to stretch.  I'm trying to be smart about it.  Last week was a step back week in our training run and I really stepped back, completely scrapping a 9 mile run to give myself some extra rest and recovery.  I jumped back into running on Monday and felt great for the first 4 miles but was barely able to complete the last 5.  Tuesday was a rest day and then yesterday I headed out for another 9, this time loaded up on ibuprofen.  It was supposed to be a tempo run, but I knew better than to attempt that and I ended up cutting the entire run short at 5 1/2.  I'm supposed to do another 7 today but I'm scrapping it in hopes that if I continue to RICE for the next two days I'll be able to get in the last long run of our training session... 22 on Saturday.

I haven't said too much about it largely in part because my training partner reads my blog on occasion and I don't want her to think I'm going to bail on her (and I really don't plan to Heather) and also, somewhere in the back recesses of my mind I think if I don't admit the troubles I'm having they will go away.  I think that I have a lot resting on this long run on Saturday.  I'm going to go into it with high hopes and will either come out of it confident that I will be able to run the marathon the way I'm hoping to or completely discouraged and left questioning my abilities.  I will also be realistic.  I won't do any more damage on Saturday.  If I'm in a lot of pain after only a short distance, it will end up not being a long run.  I am willing to sacrifice this one last long run if it means doing the complete distance in 3 weeks.

So, that's it.  I'm grumpy and frustrated.  I'm grumpy because I'm not running and I'm frustrated because when I am running I'm not enjoying it.  Basically it's a lose lose situation.

In non-running, slightly happier news I did finally send in an audition tape to Survivor... now all I have to do is wait until November and then realize when that month is over and I haven't heard from them that I'm not going to and my Survivor hopes and dreams are over.  :)  Does anyone have any connections that they could put in a good word for me with?  I've thought about sharing my video with you... do you have any desire to see it?  It's pretty silly.

Happy Thursday... it's almost the weekend!!


Raina said...

I want to see your survivor video!

Hope your knee gets better soon. That's no fun.

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

I want to see the video!
Also, I think you are being smart with your injury. I know we can't wish them away, so you've got to adapt.

Kristin said...

Hope the knee gets better. Maybe by talking about, we will all send healing thoughts and it will recover.

My dad applied to Survivor for a few years. It's not silly, it's something fun. He always had a great time making the audition tapes and going to the auditions. Good luck- you'll never make it on Survivor if you don't try, right?

Sending healing thoughts for your knee- it's going to get better and you will run the marathon with Heather.

XLMIC said...

I totally want to see this tape! I tried out for American Gladiator about 20 years ago... but that's no way as cool as Survivor :)

Maybe your injuries need a little ART? Worth a shot, I think.

ErinandShane said...

Um, I think the survivor video would be a delight, if not a great laugh...I vote post it.

Alanna said...

Totally post it! :) I was stressed just waiting to hear from Nuun - I can't imagine what it's like for a show as big as Survivor!

Sorry your knee is giving you heck. Fingers crossed for this weekend.

Marci said...

Please please post it. I'm super sorry about your running troubles. I know that Higgins are tough but don't push it. Seriously.

Heather said...

I hope you are recovering okay from the long run. PLEASE don't feel you need to curtail your running details in fear that I will find you out. I can take it. Besides--after seeing Queen Laurie and your super awesome ninja moves, I know you are one tough ruler who is not to be messed with!

Fruit Fly said...

Ooh, that is so cool you sent in your tape! When you get on Survivor I might have to throw Survivor parties down here so we can all get together and cheer for you!

The poor remote control. The remote in my bedroom doesn't even have a cover over the batteries anymore. I'd blame that on someone else, except I live alone so I have to take full responsibility!