Monday, September 26, 2011

September 26th

This seems to happen every year.  The 26th of September.  Yes it happens every year.  But more specifically it seems to sneak up on me every year.  Every year I have some grandiose plans that involve cupcakes in the mail, handmade cards or even a surprise visit.  Yet every year I seem to flake out or procrastinate it too much so that those lovely heartfelt plans never come to fruition.  Sadly, this year is no different.  Today is the 26th of September.  Today is my Grammy's birthday and she won't be getting anything in the mail from me.  This is sad because I love birthday's, I love to celebrate birthdays and I love my grandma... so naturally I should go all out for her.  My grandma is the most amazingly generous, selfless, thoughtfully wonderful person one could ever meet and she deserves the world on her special day.

Unfortunately, today, from me, her oldest (and favorite) grandchild, she will have to make do with this blog post (and a phone call... don't worry I'm not that lame).  She'll be mad at me for posting a picture of her, but, oh well.

Here are 79 (Random number?!  Don't think so.) reasons why my grandma is the aweseomest (yes that is a word) ever:

 1.  She reads my blog... every day.
 2.  She gets after me if I don't keep it updated.
 3.  She always has a house full of treats (this is good and bad).
 4.  She is kind.
 5.  She is generous.
 6.  She would do anything for family.
 7.  She would do anything for her friends.
 8.  She has the biggest movie collection of anyone I know.
 9.  She rarely watches any of those movies and hasn't even seen most of them.
10.  She has a crush on Taylor Lautner.
11.  She went to the midnight showing of Twilight with my mom and me.
12.  I'm pretty sure she has watched all of the Twilight series.
13.  I think she has more books than she has movies.
14.  She has read all of her books.
15.  She is always reading a new book.
16.  She just bought a new car.
17.  She brought it to Eugene and took me out to dinner. (well me and others, but me too)
18.  She likes to stay up way later than I ever can.
19.  She still gets up super early.
20.  She loves her silly overweight dog.
21.  She would do anything for that dog.
22.  She misses her dog when she goes on trips.
23.  I think she secretly would much rather hang out with her dog than go on trips with us.
24.  She continues to go on long trips with her kids/grandkids/greatgrandkids.
25.  She does this because we ask her too and she loves us.
26.  She was on the infamous trip to St. George this summer and didn't complain once.
27.  She rarely gets sick.
28.  When she gets sick because of some funk my kids gave her, she never will admit it was them.
29.  She will avoid doctors at all costs.
30.  She is a cancer survivor.
31.  Most people don't know that.
32.  She is very humble.
33.  She loves to host parties.
34.  She throws the best Thanksgiving dinner parties.
35.  She then hosts amazing Christmas parties.
36.  Every year she has friends over to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
37.  She makes amazing Irish Soda Bread.
38.  She makes awesome Gingersnaps.
39.  She will cook anything you request.
40.  If we come to visit, she calls ahead of time to plan the menu.
41.  She'd feed us anything we asked for.
42.  She has a freezer full of all kinds of yummy things.
43.  When I visit, she lets me "shop" in her pantry.
44.  She likes to call people names.
45.  One of her favorite is "stoop" or "dummy" as in "Laurie, you big dummy"
46.  I don't think she gets angry.
47.  She likes to pretend to be angry at people when they are helping her out.
48.  She never asks for help.
49.  I had to sneak outside to shovel her driveway last winter.
50.  She hates to talk on the phone.
51.  Sometimes she'll call my mom half a dozen times at work.
52.  She hates to have her picture taken.
53.  She will either hide her face or look away.
54.  She was super smoking as a young lady.
55.  She is still one fine looking "mature" lady.
56.  She doesn't swim.
57.  We always go on vacations to the ocean or a place with water.
58.  Did I mention she is the most generous person I know?
59.  She loves my kids.
60.  She claims to love the messes they make too.
61.  She will read books to them for hours.
62.  She keeps journals.
63.  She can tell amazing stories.
64.  She is an excellent writer.
65.  She encourages me to write.
66.  She basically raised her siblings.
67.  She is strong.
68.  She is beautiful.
69.  She is loving.
70.  She is caring.
71.  She is thoughtful.
72.  She is compassionate.
73.  She is understanding.
74.  She is patient.
75.  She rarely makes decisions because she tries to please everyone else.
76.  Her house is covered in pictures of her family.
77.  She has amazing Christmas decorations.
78.  She collects bells and displays them proudly.
79.  She is the neatest person I know and deserves to be celebrated.

Happy Birthday Grammy!  We love you!  You better believe we'll be going all out next year for 80!!


XLMIC said...

I love this... and I'll bet she will too! Happy birthday to your grammy!

me/mom/NANA said...

When she turns 100 you will have to list 100 great things about her and even then it won't be enough. She really is a very special lady who makes everyone feel loved, needed and wanted. Happy Birthday Beverly.

Janet said...

Your Grammy is my mom. You did an awesome job of describing her and I know you made her happy with all the good things you had to say about her. She told me she would like to meet that grandmother of yours. Therefore, she must have liked all you had to say. Glad you made her day.

Marci said...

I love your Grammy too.