Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Return of the 'Jogging Stroller Mom'

With Emmeline and Calvin back in school and Dan's homecation all wrapped up, I have the option to get my running done during the day if I'm willing to take the double jogger.  Yesterday, I opted for just that.

On the plan was 9 miles at a moderately easy pace.  I was hoping to get out of the house by about 10am so that Jonny could enjoy a nice nap and we could be home in plenty of time for lunch.  By 10:30, after a quick diaper change and another potty break and a search for the "polka dot sunglasses and my new Dora book", I had both kids loaded into the stroller.
By 10:40, I had even managed to round up extra snacks, extra diapers, extra water, extra books and some blankets "just in case" and we were finally ready to head out.
Then of course (because we were way behind schedule) we had to wait what seemed like another 10 minutes while Ol' Gertie the Garmin found a satellite.  All the while, Princess Leona kept saying, "What are we waiting for... let's get going!"

Finally though, we were on our way.  As soon as we got going Jonny was asleep.  I thought maybe Leona would like to take a little nap too, but when I suggested we recline her seat she knew what I was up to and didn't want to have anything to do with it.  Since she wasn't at all about napping, we stopped at the EWEB plaza to run around the fountain and look at the river for a bit.

 Then we ran through the park where not only were we met with fall foliage
 but a nice big path closed sign & a detour.

They've been doing work on the path all summer but this is the first time I've run during the day, during the week with the stroller.  Normally I've been able to just kind of go around the construction but yesterday, I had to use the detour... which turned into a quasi scavenger hunt for the detour signs.  Just when I thought I must have missed one, we'd spot one and realize we were still headed in the right direction.

 The red part of the map is the section that was closed... the dotted green line is the detour:

At first I was a little bit irritated because if I wanted to run through neighborhoods, I would've stayed near home and at least run through neighborhoods I like but when all was said and done it added just enough mileage to my 8.5 mile loop to make it an even 9 miles without having to add on more distance once we got home.

One of the problems with jogging stroller running tends to be the cargo.  Leona, lately, is into sticking her hands and feet out the side of the stroller.  Although I've warned her repeatedly that she is going to get hurt, she tends to not listen very well.   I specifically told her to keep her feet in while we were running by a fenced area by the river.  She listened until we had to be right next to the fence due to bikes passing us from both directions.  At that point I think the temptation was just too high because the fence was just too close... next thing I knew there was this odd clunky sound which turned out to be her foot running along the fence.

 Luckily she wasn't seriously hurt... just a slightly smooshed toe and she had her thumb and "security blanket" i.e. Jonny's head to console herself.

 Her injury was just what she needed, though to finally help her give into that nap she so desperately needed.

Towards the end of our run, I decided to take a path that would take us by Autzen stadium (I love to run by my Duck's home).  When we were almost there, I smiled at a runner who was stopped on the side of the road.  She smiled back and said, "Are you Laura?"
Me:  "Laurie"
"Oh, well Laura from Run Momma Run told me to read your blog."  "I've seen you before and it was like seeing a celebrity".  "You kicked ass in that half!"
Me:  (in total shock, that in less than 2 seconds I've been recognized by a complete stranger and called a celebrity) "Wow, Thanks!"
 So, Wendy, nice, awesome runner on the side of the road... you absolutely made my week!  Thanks for saying hi!!!

Anyway, a short while later we were home.  Leona woke up and was in tears again because I had told her she could get out and run the last little bit with me but she fell asleep.  So we made up for it by letting her run up and down the sidewalk in front of our house.

Although it took us almost 2 hours to do less than 1 1/2 hours of running, life is sure more fun adventurous when running with a jogging stroller!


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

I just love Leona, never a dull moment with her around.

How fun to be recognized. You ARE quite the celebrity, I already knew that.

Dick said...

Glad Leona is okay...I love that kid. (I love all the rest of them too...but she's a doll.) Didn't Emme try to up-root one of the wooden barricades on the OC&E trail a few years ago? Seems to be a pattern here, Laurie!

Michelle said...

Have I told you lately how amazing you are? Well not today I dont think :)

Great job and CUTE pics! That detour is insane tho! :) Have a great day!

Casey said...

This is adorable. I love that she uses her brother's hair to console herself. Bug grabs onto my hair to fall asleep. I thought it was a phase, but we are going on 2 years of Mom's Hair As A Lovey phase. I love it.

That pic of her by the fountain is timeless!

Janet said...

I love your posts. I'm sure the outings are always exciting but the way you write them up really makes them fun to read. You're not only my running hero but my writing hero too.