Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I ♥ Duck Football!!

Autzen Stadium during an early morning run... most of my runs take me by there... love that place!

Last Saturday, Dan and I had the opportunity to go watch the Ducks beat up on Missouri State (56-7).  I had such a great time!  My good friend Kimberly was crazy kind enough to watch all 4 of our children which gave Dan and I a very rare day away together... just the two of us.  Well, the two of us and 65,000 other "O" yelling Duck fans.

 Our seats were basically up as high as you can get, but really, there are no bad seats at Autzen...
except for maybe right under the JumboTron (the largest in the Pac 12, by the way) I wouldn't want to sit there... you'd miss all the cool replays.

We spent way too much money on a bunch of food that made us sick for the rest of the weekend was super, duper tasty and oh soooo bad for us.
 We had an absolutely amazing time!  One of the best days ever!


Maureen said...

Go Ducks!!! :)

Marci said...

Awww! You guys are so cute.

XLMIC said...

You are so smiley! You two look great and like you're having so much fun :)