Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy 1st Day of Fall!!!

Fall is my favorite season.  I love the weather... cool in the morning, cool in the evening and very pleasant (although at the moment a little hot) during the day.  Usually there isn't too much rain and the leaves start changing and falling off the trees.  I love to run by the river through all the leaves on the path.  I could stay outside all day.
fall, last year... look at those eyes and goofy smile
I also love the holidays... Halloween, Thanksgiving and my birthday... fun, fun, fun!  I think that everyone in my family is actually going to dress up for Halloween this year.  Only Jonny and I will coordinate but it is still going to be awesome.... assuming everything works out as envisioned... maybe I should start working on the costumes?!  Thanks to mandatory court closure days, Dan has the day after Thanksgiving off which means we will have the entire weekend to enjoy together.  Eating lots of yummy food, watching football and being LAZY!!!  And of course my birthday... what isn't there to love about that?!  (Well except maybe getting older, but I still have 8 more birthdays (after this one) before I'm really going to worry about that.)

I really enjoy dressing for fall too.  Jeans, layered shirts, sweaters, knee high socks, converse, cool hats... bring it on!

Fall is also soccer time.  Tomorrow is the opening jamboree for both Emmeline and Calvin and then we'll have the next few weeks packed full of games and practices.  Soccer in the spring can get kind of old because we stand around in the mud bog getting soaked.  Fall soccer, however, is a lot of fun because usually the rain hasn't started yet and the fields are dry and the weather is great.
Look at Calvin's humility...
Finally, you can't forget college football.  Specifically Oregon Ducks football.  Fall is college football.  Want to know what we're doing for the next few months of Saturdays... getting dressed in our favorite duck gear and watching the ducks play beat up on the other teams.  Awesome.
also from last year... I can't believe how much they've grown in a year!
Do you have a favorite season?  To be honest, I love the beginning of every new season.  I think I'm pretty fickle that way.  It's almost always my favorite season when it is just starting out.  Check back in with me, when we're on the crossover to winter, and I'll let you know how much I'm still loving "fall".  :P

Happy Falls & Happy, Happy Weekend!!


Alanna said...

I love fall. I just wish that there was a little more brisk, than rainy, here. It's only been a day and it's already becoming depressing. Time to pull out my rain gear I guess...

Fall up here is hockey!

Fruit Fly said...

I love Fall, too! I just went to the Halloween store for the 4th time this week during my break just because I love it so dang much. I always feel like this season goes by too fast, too. :(

Are you going to be doing any Halloween races again this year? I was going to consider repeating the Monster Mash until Kim suggested the Runaway Pumpkin Half.

Amber said...

I am so excited for Fall! This is my favorite marathon training season too!

XLMIC said...

Our seasons are not so different, one from the other. But winter tends to be rainy and not so awesome. I like our cool summers, actually. I think I am kind of weird in that way!

Your kids are so beautiful.

racing dawn said...

Fall is by far my favorite too!

Your kids are so stinkin' cute! :)