Friday, September 16, 2011

A first... and a last.

Today I ran 20 miles.  Despite the fact that I've done that half a dozen times (at least) in my marathoning career (all of 9 months) it still feels pretty amazing to me to have run that far.  Today I  ran that 20 miles with the double jogger... that was a first... that part didn't feel so amazing.  I have to be honest, I didn't push the stroller the entire 20 miles.  Heather, my marathon training buddy, jumped in a couple times to give me a break (thanks Heather!! you saved me!) but I did push it for a good 18 or so... that is also a first.  In fact, before today, I think my double jogger mileage pr was around 12 or 13 miles.  (Just looked it up... 12.25 miles back in February, when Jonny wasn't yet a year old and Leona was barely 2 1/2... i.e. both several pounds lighter.)

Anyway, today I set a new mileage PR with the double jogger.  It was a first and a last.  I'm pretty sure (99.99%) that there aren't any scenarios that would make me do that again.  Today's run came about because tomorrow, Saturday, our normal long run day, is too busy and starting too early to fit in 20 miles without leaving before 4am and we just weren't feeling up to the early, dark start.  When we talked about it, 20 miles with the double didn't seem unreasonable.  At the end of our run today though, we both decided that next time we'd rather leave at 3:30 than take the stroller.

In all actuality, it really wasn't that bad.  Leona and Jonny (in my opinion...  Heather might tell you differently) were pretty tame.  Jonny napped for about an hour.  Leona watched most of Tangled (we only had to stop once mid run to fix it after she "accidentally" turned it off) and the rest of the time, she talked our ears off and would randomly ask Heather if houses we passed were hers.  She did manage to lose a book overboard that we had to retrieve, but there really wasn't any complaining (on the kids' part, now me on the other hand...).  I even set a 20 mile pace PR, 8:44.  It was just hard though... harder than a normal 20miler and I don't care to do it again.

When we got home, I let Leona out to run down the sidewalk while "helping" push Jonny in the stroller.  Then I thanked her for going on such a long, long run with me and she thanked me for bringing her snacks and a movie and pushing her that long, long way.  I tried to give her a hug thinking we were having some special moment but she pushed me away and said I was "all wet and gross"... fair enough.

I really don't mind taking my kids running with me... I just think in the future it will be the best for both of us if we keep it under 20 miles... like way under 20... maybe 10 at the most.

Bonus pic... we got a puppy.  :)


XLMIC said...

Wow! You win the stroller contest! 20 miles at 8:44 pace with a double trumps anything I've heard…ever. Awesome job getting it done :) Now enjoy your weekend!

P said...

Wow, I would totally push a stroller if I thought it would make me run that fast for 20 miles! :) You are a rock star!
Plus, you have the cutest puppy I've ever seen.

Catey said...

Holy Smokes woman! You are insane. And I mean that in the most flattering admirably way possible. :)
That is seriously amazing-I can't imagine doing that with the double. Heck, I can't imagine doing it with the single jogger! Huge props!

misszippy said...

Seriously, you are amazing! I never approached that kind of mileage with a jogger! You will be super strong come marathon day!!

trifitmom said...

amazing. simply amazing

Katrina said...

My mouth is hanging open. You're amazing! I complain about having to fun anything over 4 miles with the stroller, usually enough that I talk myself out of going all together. Next time give me a call. I'd love to watch the kiddos!

Fruit Fly said...

That is the cutest little puppy!!

I wondered what your trick was on these runs, and now we know they have in stroller entertainment. Nice!