Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Best day of my life ever... in August"

That's a pretty impressive quote considering that Calvin has enjoyed all of 7 Augusts in his long life.  Even if it was only the best day of his life ever, "in August", we did have  a pretty fun day yesterday.  We were getting pretty stir crazy in our house and I needed to go running so I did what any runner with 4 small kids, desperate to get a run in would do... loaded up the youngest two in the stroller and put Emme and Calvin on their bikes.

The goal was 6 miles, give or take, with a nice layover halfway at Skinner Butte Park for a picnic and some play time.  Calvin has only been riding sans training wheels for about a month and the longest Emme has ever gone on a bike was 4 miles, so I was a little bit leary starting out but tried to remain confident in their abilities.  After some last minute scrambling for the right crown to wear (Leona) and the best book to bring along (Emme), we were loaded up and ready to go.
Sweatshirts & blankets at 11am in August?!  Crazy, I know.
The first half of the trip was pretty uneventful.  The route we picked was fairly flat and scenic with lots of water and rest stops.

We stopped to look at the river
and ride/run around the EWEB fountain.

Before, inevitably going through it too.

After a couple more "hills" that Calvin conquered like a champ we made our destination... just in time too, because Calvin thought for sure he was going to starve to death before we ever set foot in the park.

Lunch was quickly inhaled so that the playing could begin.

 It was only a matter of time before Jonny discovered and immersed himself fully in the water

 and then the REAL fun began... did someone say mud puddles?! 
 Yes, even I got in on a little of the fun.

I think the thing that made this particular day "the best day ever, in August" was the surprise stop at Prince Puckler's when we were almost home.

When all was said and done, we biked/ran 6.29miles in 55:56 which averages out to about 8:54 pace.  I was really impressed with my kiddos and although Calvin swears he will never, ever, ever do it again (despite it being the best day in August ever), I think I might look into more great adventures like this.  I sure liked the way they slept last night.  ☺


Amanda@runninghood said...

Wow! I'm impressed! What an adventure! And I'm convinced that you are super mom!

P said...

Oh, my! I can definitely see why that qualified as the best day ever in August!

Michelle said...

So awesome! I agree, what an amazing day. I think the picture I love the most is the one of you looking on top of the world. You are a star! Great luck Sunday if you are still doing the half. Look for me, the chubby girl probably last :) Would love to meet you :)

Jen Nichols said...

I totally dig that you were able to combine your workout with some great quality time with your kids. Talk about multitasking!

Mom_2_Pippa said...

Im so glad Im not the only mom who has a child who pronouces something "the best thing ever" and then "im never doing that again". Sounds like a great afternoon, you may be super mom!!