Thursday, September 22, 2011

Adventures in Multitasking...

Yesterday I had a few errands to run as well as a run to run, which is one thing I love about running with a jogging stroller... it makes multitasking possible.  On the agenda... drop a package at the UPS store, return some almost overdue library books and pick up some books on hold, while getting in 9 easy miles.

Stop #1:  I've been searching, rather unsuccessfully for a while now, for my next "go to" pair of running shoes.  Luckily, (which I love, love, love by the way) has a great free shipping and free returns policy.  So, first up on the route was the UPS Store.  With all the library books stuffed in the cargo area underneath the stroller, the only place for the box to go was on Leona's lap.
 This worked pretty well and she was actually quite excited about helping out with the box...up until the novelty of it wore off and the cumbersomeness of it set in.  That lasted almost a mile... then she wanted me to hold it.  We compromised and on top it went.
Luckily it wasn't quite another mile before we reached our first stop.  The UPS Store.
 With task #1 complete, it was on to:

Stop #2:  The Eugene Public Library.  I've run to the library a couple of times.  It isn't one of my favorite places to run to because it involves running downtown.  Eugene actually has pretty wide sidewalks, but still a double jogger takes up a fair amount of room and I'm constantly having to swerve around people.  Luckily I made most of the lights and didn't have to stop too much, however I did have to play chicken with a couple of bike riders who were riding on the sidewalk.  Eugene is a very bike friendly place with tons of bike lanes.  There is no reason for grown up sized people to be riding down the sidewalk when they could be in the bike lane.  Okay, rant over.  After almost another mile and a half we made it to the library.
I was hoping that after dropping off our books the stroller would feel lighter, but Leona talked me into checking out just a few more and I think we ran away with more than we had dropped off.  Since the library was our last "official" stop, it was just a wide sweeping arc along the river to bring the total mileage to 9.

Stop #3:  The infamous Eugene Women's Half train stop.  I stopped to take a picture of how I didn't have to stop.... ha ha, what a dork I am.
Finally we were onto the river with just around 4 miles to go, which brought up stops #4 a potty break for Leona... I swear this girl has an obsession with Honey Buckets... anytime she sees one she thinks she has to go, luckily I held her off until we could access the flush variety
 and #5 which involved Leona pushing by herself for a bit.  She wanted to run and get "yucky & sweaty too."
With less than 2 miles to go, we encountered our last stop  #6, another unplanned stop but not necessarily unexpected.  Apparently we had a suicidal water bottle that was tired of riding up front with the kids and wasn't content to just fall out but felt the need to throw itself directly in the path of the stroller where it could then be run over and roll behind us down the path.
luckily it survived the attempt unscathed and finished out the run safe and secure in it's holder
9 miles, 2 planned stops 4 "extra" stops, 2 tired kids and 1 exhausted mom... mission accomplished.


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Ok, I love the library. I hope our kids will grow up loving it too...

And, so that's what that "train stop" road is supposed to look like. I had no idea, since both times I've been there there's been a stupid train in the way!

Meredith said...

I love this!! What a great way to get it all done! And the honeybuckets? Yeah, that would be my kids too! Drives me nuts since I would rather get a tooth pulled than enter a honeybucket.

Michelle said...

Love it! My favorite is the "no train" stop pic :)