Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Zombies ate my parents...

Ha ha... it worked!  I have your attention. ☺Zombies didn't eat my parents, at least I don't think so, maybe I should call and check on them.  Here in Eugene, we have a fair amount of people that stand on street corners with signs asking for help.  One of those people did lose his parents to zombies though... according to his sign anyway.  Very tragic really.

I'm really not a big fan of soliciting money from people but alas I'm about to get on my blog's street corner with a sign.  My Hood to Coast team, Blister Sisters, (yes, I know most of you are quite tired of hearing about Hood to Coast... don't worry it will be over soon), has recently hooked up with DetermiNation to raise funds for the American Cancer Society.  I have yet to meet any of these ladies but from the correspondence I've had, they all seem very lovely.  Anyway, there have been a couple members of the team (not currently running) that are battling breast cancer and as a team we are raising money in their honor.  I know that pretty much everyone has someone close to them that has had or is currently fighting cancer.  For me, I lost a grandfather to prostate cancer and have a grandmother that has currently won the fight against both breast and bone cancer.  Dan lost his grandma to colon/stomach cancer.  Cancer really affects everyone.

If you have the ability to help me out with my fundraising efforts, I would be greatly appreciative.  Just click HERE to go to my personal fundraising page.  Thank you sooooo much!!

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