Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just some randomness...

  •   My kids (especially Leona) are pretty nutty.  Lately they have been into dressing up. 

a large animal vet?, some sort of hula princess, and an Australian cowboy of course

a "Jedi kitty-cat"...  we've had "self-drawn" whiskers almost every day this week (and last)

Calvin is "daddy" and Leona is typical Leona... who says you can't wear beanies in August?!
  • I have this plant, "Spruce Bruce" that has been with the family for longer than 3 of my kids.  Which, in itself, is pretty amazing considering I always forget to water it and really don't take the best care of it.  Ol' Brucey has survived 4 moves and a tragic pot change where, during the interim he lived in a Tupperware bowl, in addition to losing the occasional handful of dirt from curious little hands.  This plant however is a trooper and continues to thrive despite our best efforts to exterminate it.  Currently, Bruce, is battling some sort of fungus... it's really quite impressive.

This is the poor plants second installment of the 'shrooms but he seems to be doing fine.

  • We got our Hood to Coast start time.  I didn't think they were supposed to be out until Saturday, but on our roster it says we will be starting at 5:15pm (maybe it isn't official?).  It also says that our anticipated finish time is around 26 hours.  This is sad to me, because the awards ceremony on Saturday is at 5:30pm.  I could be doing the math wrong, but it seems to me that our last runner will be coming in after all the festivities are wrapping up. Last year the team I'm on finished 6th in their category (women's submasters) which landed them on the podium... if we have any chance of placing again this year, I would sure hate to miss it.
  • I can't seem to make myself get up early to run.  Almost all of the running I've been doing this summer has been right as soon as Dan gets home from work or after the kids are in bed for the night.  I've kind of been enjoying the late evening running.  I've definitely been enjoying sleeping in.  Those 2 to 3 extra hours in the morning really come in handy when trying to keep my four kids from drowning in sight while we hang out at the pool.
photo credit:  Kathy Madison
  • I think that's enough randomness for today.  Anything random going on in your life?  Hope you're enjoying your summer... we finally are.


Amanda@runninghood said...

Man, I don't even know our start time and I can't even remember my leg. This will be such a last minute HTC thing...I don't even know any of my teammates yet. REally wishing I would have applied for the Nuun team...looks so fun. I can't get up early to run either. I'm way too lazy. Wishing we had a pool like that though.

Emz said...

loving the photos. Loving the midriff top [sp] ;)

Super loving the "fmailies are forever" plaque.

you rock.

P said...

Ha, ha - my whole life lately is randomness! Oh, how I miss the days of dress-up, so much fun to be had for so little money. What a fun summer you're having!

Quinton J said...

LOVE that first pic. SO cute.

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

What a late start time for HTC...bummer. I guess it pays to be a slower team, but that makes no sense if the awards are early. Oh brother.

Jill said...

Those kids are just soooo dang cute :).

I love Bruce's little friend, how cute is that!?!

Fruit Fly said...

Wow - I wasn't expecting your start time to be so late. I don't know how HTC really works though, so maybe that is normal and I just didn't know it?

Your house looks like the funnest place to be for a kid! And I'm pretty much thinking those 'shrooms are darn cool looking!