Monday, August 8, 2011

Hot chocolate in August?!

For the 2nd time in a span of 3 days I've been in need of hot chocolate.  The first time was on Saturday morning after my preview run of the Eugene Women's Half with Kim.  Granted, I was sitting in an ice bath at the time and absolutely freezing, but still hot chocolate in August?!

The 2nd cup of hot chocolate came today, at lunch time, after spending a 1/2 hour at the pool for swim lessons.  It was freezing and I didn't even get in the water.  It is overcast and a little bit drizzly and with just enough wind to make it seem cold.  Needless to say, my poor kiddos, who were dripping wet, insisted that we drive home with the heater blasting and get warmed up with hot chocolate for lunch.  Although the weather forecast claims lots of sunshine and temps in the lower 80's today, this 63℉ and cloudy skies we are currently experiencing at 2:00pm gives me a little doubt.

Anyway, enough about the weather... I know most of the nation is melting into a sticky pool of hotness, so I shouldn't complain.  We had a pretty decent weekend.  Like I mentioned earlier, Kim and I went for a little course preview of the upcoming EWH. (If you're not doing anything Labor Day weekend, you should come and run with us!)  I ran it last year and like most of the races in Eugene, it takes place on the Ruth Bascom Riverbank Path, so I'm pretty familiar with the course... or at least comfortable enough to play a tour guide.  However, my tour guide prowess waned upon encountering a train followed shortly by a closed path:
This is the only picture I took... can you say lame blogger?  I thought I at least took one of the train but apparently not.  Tomorrow Kim will preview the course though, and she was a much better picture taker, so you should check out her blog.

After running I returned home to this nutty little girl:
Why yes, she does dress herself, how could you tell?
I really wish her "sword & shield" weren't covering up her shirt logo... something about it saying Star Wars in orange and yellow, really makes the outfit.

After the quick ice bath and hot chocolate followed by a hot shower I quickly threw together Calvin's birthday cake and filled up some water balloons while Dan made juice and did sunblock.  Then we were out the door to Calvin's "friend" birthday party.  Unfortunately only two of his friends were able to make it, but I think a good time was had by all.  (Well, except maybe Emme who managed to step on a bee.)
We just pretended that all the messy frosting was because the jersey was worn and dirty.  Definitely not the best looking cake I've made... but it was tasty and that's all that really counts right?!

I have a feeling when this kid gets a bit older we're going to have girls lined up outside our house.
Poor Emme's day didn't get much better after the party.  Before the pain from her bee sting could even subside she managed to get in a pretty nasty bike wreck leaving her elbow and knee all scraped and bloodied.  Then being the super nice mom I cleaned her wounds with alcohol... ouch!

Luckily Sunday was much more low key and even included naps for everyone... my favorite!

How was your weekend?


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Hey, there was cake at your house on Saturday? I knew I shouldn't have rushed out of there. Haha.

I'll get my report up tomorrow, I promise.

P said...

Your "not the best" cake looks better than anything I've ever attempted - what a cute idea!
Poor Emme, hope she's recovering quickly.

Teamarcia said...

The cake is cute and the kids are even cuter! How fun!
Seriously? Our low here is 20 degrees warmer than your high. I know you want more of a 'summer' but wow that sounds good to me right now!