Monday, August 22, 2011

Hooray it's Monday!!!

I was kind of hoping my extra exclamation points would ooze into this post and make me suddenly be truly excited that it is Monday... alas, it was to no avail.  It's Monday and it feels like Monday and today Monday feels.... blah.  :(

I had a pretty great weekend.  Heather (my marathon training buddy) and I ran a great 20 miles on Saturday.  I was pretty hesitant going into it because I hadn't run anything over 13 miles (all at one time) since then end of May.  It went quite well though, and very quickly.  My Achilles didn't bother me as much as it has been (I'm pretty sure thanks to my new RxOrtho Achilles brace from CEP... full review to come soon). Also, my knee didn't start hurting at all until about 16 miles and as long as I stopped periodically to stretch my IT band it seemed to stay under control.  All in all, we ran a little over 20 miles and averaged 8:40 pace... although the first 10 miles we were much closer to 8:00 than 9:00 pace... I think we went out a tad too fast.  It was a great run because it felt good and I felt capable.  It's amazing how much easier long runs are to do when you're doing them with a friend.   It also left me feeling pretty confident about my ability to adequately complete my legs for Hood to Coast this weekend as well as Heather and my ability to run our October marathon in under 4 hours.

Speaking of Hood to Coast.... it's this weekend!!  I'm starting to get soooooo excited!  Thursday when Dan gets off work, we'll all go down to Klamath Falls were he will spend the weekend with the kids and their grandparents and I'll hook up with my team for our drive up to Mt. Hood.  This will be my first weekend away from my entire family... unless you count when I went to the hospital and stayed overnight to have my babies and I don't count that... not exactly the type of getaway one usually anticipates.  The kids will be fine.  Dan will be fine.  Maybe I won't even be missed... if it goes really well I might have to look into some more weekend getaways with the girls.  :)  I'm really looking forward to it, it's going to be a great time!

I guess thinking about getting away has cheered me up a bit about it being Monday... either that or maybe my Midol has finally kicked in.  :P

Here are some bonus picture of adventures at the pool this weekend:

Super Calvin!!
Hope your Monday isn't feeling blah...


Jody, RD said...

Awesome job on your long run!

Casey said...

great pace!!

LB said...

wow, great run!

that diving board looks ridiculously high!!! brave boy!

happy monday (ugh!) :)

track coach and adorable wife said...

My Monday is totally blah! But yea for you cheering up!

Dick said...

Good job on your 20 miler, Laurie!

Calvin is amazing...NO FEAR!! He's a lot like Donald...good luck!

Looking forward to seeing you this Thursday.

Fruit Fly said...

Holy cow -- Dick said exactly what my thought was ... Calvin has no fear! I got never just looking at the height of that board. The thought of jumping off of it myself isn't even a thought or idea!