Friday, August 12, 2011

Hooray for Friday!

I love Fridays.  I think I've mentioned it before but Friday is the best day because you still have the entire weekend to look forward to.  I kept thinking that yesterday was Friday, so it's almost like I've gotten two Fridays this week.  Awesome!!  Here's a little randomness to end the week:
  • Jonny got his finger slammed in the bathroom door last night shortly before bed time.  He's a quick little guy that tries to get in places he shouldn't be before anyone can stop him.  Well, technically, Emme stopped him this time.  I was fairly concerned because, for a finger, there was lots of blood  (sorry if you're squeamish) but other than a smooshed nail and some missing skin off the top, all is well.
too bad it wasn't his middle finger... then we really could have shown it to you  :)
  Of course Leona had to find some old scrape on her knee so that she could sport a Dora Bandaid (Daddy's such a sucker for this little girl) and ultimately get a picture taken too (guess so am I):
  • I think for my long run this weekend I'm going to split it up.  I plan to do between 7 and 8 miles tonight, then another 8 tomorrow morning followed by a quick 3 sometime tomorrow afternoon/evening.  Although it won't quite be the same as running one long run I'll still get my miles in and a little practice for Hood to Coast at the same time.  The final 3 miles will be in honor of Amanda @ Run to the Finish turning 30.  She's hosting a virtual race in honor of the event.  It's not too late to sign up if you're so inclined.  I personally love being in my 30's.  I think I can say that because I'm barely into my 30's.  I have a feeling that once I start creeping up on 40 and have kids well into their teen years, I'll be slightly more hesitant to celebrate.  That's not true, I'm always happy to celebrate, it's the aging that I might want to slow down a bit.
  • I won a tutu!!  I'm super excited.  I won it from Barefoot Angie Bee and Glam Runner.  When I told my mom about it she said, "like for Leona or Emme"... "No mom, for me... to run in!"  I know she thinks I'm crazy.  I am planning to get a yellow and green glitter one to show my Duck Pride when I'm racing on game days.  I'm thinking that this tutu coupled with my stripey Oregon socks will be an awesome start to my race outfit for the Columbia River Power Marathon on Oct. 22nd that just so happens to be the day that Oregon takes on Colorado.  I hope Heather (my running partner/marathon training buddy) won't mind all the looks/comments we might get.  :)
  • This weekend is the annual Scandinavian Festival in Junction City.  We haven't been for a few years and plan to go.  I think it will be a great time with lots of yummy food.  We'd probably fit in best (with our blonde haired blue eyed kiddos) today on Swedish Day but since Dan's family is all Finnish I think we'll head out to the festivities on Sunday after church so that Dan can wear his Finnish soccer jersey and we can enjoy the Finnish themed activities.
I think that's enough randomness for now.  I hope everyone has a fantastically wonderful weekend.  Run happy!


me/mom/NANA said...

So glad to hear that Jonny is okay. I wish we were up there to go to the festivies with you. I have always wanted to attend. Have fun. I think the yellow and green just suits you. As fast as you run it will look really cool blowing in the wind as you pass others.

Casey said...

Poor guy! He seems pretty tough though! :) Congrats on the tutu!!

Dick said...

I'm with Yvonne on the yellow and green...GO DUCKS...although it IS getting harder to not be a Boise State fan now that two of your siblings are going there. I can't imagine running in (or wearing, for that matter) a tutu. It probably is a good thing that you're pretty fast or you wouldn't be able to pull it off.

P said...

Congrats on winning that tutu, you Lucky Duck (I couldn't resist)!! Glad Jonny's okay, smashing a finger hurts soooo bad. Oh, and I'm glad Leona's okay, too. Knee boo-boos are the worst. :)
Have fun this weekend-a-rooni!

XLMIC said...

A ducky tutu sounds ducky :P

Poor Jonny! Ouch... man, that looks like it really hurt!

2 weeks!

Fruit Fly said...

Can't wait to see you in that tutu -and heck, why just use it on game day? OR - wear it TO a game! That would be sure to get you some time on the jumbo tron!

Corrina Beana said...

This is SO my kids! If one has a legit injury, another finds a wound that needs a band-aid too! A few weeks ago my 3yr old nephew got a huge goose-egg on the back of his head from a kid&bike falling on him at the park. My bro-in-law is a firefighter and works like 2min from their house so they came over in the engine to check him out...and of course my 7yr old niece all of the sudden was in tears over a small injury that she hadn't complained about at all prior! And to make matters worse MY 7yr old FELL out of the firetruck and fully skinned her knees. Catastrophe!! haha

Heather said...

Okay, where do I get a tutu for the marathon!?? If you're wearing one, count me in too!