Friday, August 5, 2011

All your questions answered...

Okay, I don't really have answers to all of your questions, but I will answer the few questions that were posed to me during the recent Q&A trend.  Here we go:

The lovely Fruit Fly, wanted to know the following two things:

1.  What is your favorite Eugene race that you've done?
It's kind of a tough one.  I love, love, love doing the Monster Mash 5K every year because it's in the end of October and people dress up for Halloween, but I'd have to go with the Ridgeline Ramble Marathon.  It's kind of hard not to love a race that I won.  :P

I mean seriously, in my wildest dreams I didn't ever think I would win a marathon.  Plus, it was on the Ridgeline Trail, which is one of my favorite places to run.

2.  Do you have a favorite place to run in Eugene that other people should check out?
As stated above, I love running on the Ridgeline Trail.  There are several different trail heads on a very well kept trail and there are all kinds of options as far as distance goes.  It is just a beautiful place to run and always makes me happy. One of my favorite sections is from Martin Street to Fox Hollow, which is about a mile of either up or down depending on which way you are traveling.

My good buddy P, who was hungry when she posed her questions, asked:
1.  Are you a picky or adventurous eater?
Growing up we ate pretty bland food.  My dad had been fed all kinds of strange stuff when he was little that he didn't care for, so he vowed that when he was grown up he would only eat the things he liked.  Which it turns out wasn't very much.  We had lots of meat, potatoes, bread and pie.  :)  I mostly just assumed that I didn't like very many things either and became a picky eater.  Luckily though, my husband is just the opposite.  He grew up with very, very picky eaters in his family and vowed that his kids would have a wide variety of foods to eat.  Thanks to Dan, I love to try new things and have discovered that food can be a lot of fun!

2.  What's your "signature dish"?
I think if I'm going to be cooking for company and want to make sure it turns out just right, I'll usually do lasagna or chicken enchiladas.  Pretty boring, but pretty tasty too.

The amazing Amanda of Runninghood inquired on the following:
1.  Giving birth... what kind of experience was this for you?  Scary? Wonderful? Worst thing in your life?  Did you have one experience that stands out more than the other 3?  
Giving birth was scary, wonderful and the worst thing in my life.  :)  Emmeline's was scary because was my first and I had a really hard go at it.  Calvin's birth was scary because I didn't know my doctors and he ended up being an emergency c-section.  Leona's birth was wonderful.  It was quick and easy and made me forget how hard the other two births were.  Which, led to Jonathan's birth.  Without a doubt, worst experience in my life and therefore stands out more than the other 3.  Things just didn't work out very well with him and when all was said and done, I think everyone in the room had doubts to whether or not Jonny was going to make it...

buuuut that's been well over a year now and things are great and turned out just fine.

It definitely cured me of thinking I needed to have 5 kids though.  :)

2.  How old were you when you met your husband?
Dan and I met out senior year of high school when I was 16 years old.  (Yeah, I was a pretty young senior.)  We didn't date, though until well after high school and didn't really, really date until we were both well into our 20's.

3.  Can you think of  a moment in your life that you'd say was life changing?
When I saw Dan again after he had been away on a church mission for 2 years it was without a doubt a huge life changing moment for me.  I "knew" as cheesy as that sounds that he was who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with no matter what it took to get him.  :D

XLMIC, one of the coolest bloggers I know (who is the reason I'm doing the Q&A) wanted to know:
1.  Did you ever take a cake decorating class?  How did you learn, if not?
I took some sort of after school class in 4th grade where we made icing flowers and spider cupcakes but I think mostly I learned from watching my mom.  She always made us really cool cakes for our birthdays and used to work at a grocery store bakery.  I've also learned a lot from YouTube and other random Internet searches.  You can learn how to do almost anything from the Internet.  :)

2.  How much weight did you gain with each one of your children?  Was it hard to get back to normal?
Well, I wasn't exactly normal to begin with... oh, you mean normal weight.  :P  I didn't really keep track of my weight but gained about 30 with Emme, closer to 40 with Calvin, and only about 25-30 each with Leona and Jonny.  I walked a lot when I was pregnant with Emme and Calvin and went to the gym fairly frequently.  When I was pregnant with Leona I ran for the first 8 months and swam for the last 2.  With Jonny, I ran almost the entire pregnancy.  After each of my pregnancies I bounced back fairly quickly.  I think most of that had to do with nursing my babies.  Also, though I would spend the last couple months of pregnancy imagining how great it would be to touch my toes and do sit ups and go for a run that I couldn't wait to get doing it.

3. How long did you nurse each one of your kids?
Emme, I nursed for 6 months.  I went back to work and she decided bottles were way cooler than me.  I was okay with that.  Calvin was closer to 9 months... basically until he got teeth and started biting, then we were done.  Leona and Jonny were right around 11 months.

4. Have YOU always been so cool :-) ?
Yep.  :D  (Although my younger brothers might tell you differently.)  I mean really, does it get much cooler than this?!  Ha ha
(seriously, what is with this pose?!)
and finally, Debbie S. had a pretty in depth question that basically asked:
1.  How do you find time to run with 4 small kids?
Actually you'd have to read the whole question to truly appreciate it:

The short answer is, I don't always.
The longer answer... I get creative and I run when I can.  It's a lot easier once school is in session because then I only have 2 kids at home and I really don't mind running with the stroller.  My kids have been going running with me since they were newborns and have basically been conditioned to enjoy it.  If I want the solo runs though or for summer running, it means getting up super early before Dan goes to work or heading out in the evening after the kids are in bed.  I've also been known to run to the post office or to return a movie or pick up some groceries so that I can combine my run with other important tasks that have to get done.  I've also gone running while my kids are at soccer practice or even run to their games while my husband drives them there in the car.  There have been a couple times where I didn't have enough time to get in a long run so I broke it up into two shorter runs, one in the morning and one at night.  My least favorite option is to take the kids to the track to play around on the infield... it works... but not for long periods of time.

Trying to run while also being responsible for kids that can't watch themselves isn't easy.  I don't always get a shower right away or take care of myself the way I should. I'm super lucky to have a fantastic husband that understands how much running means to me and kids that know that it is my time to do my thing.  They usually bombard me with questions and requests as soon as I walk in the door which can quickly bring me down from my running high but I try not to let it and try to help them understand that I still need a bit of time... and sometimes I just sneak in the basement door and take a shower before anyone even knows I'm home.  :P

Anyone else have some "motherly" running advice for Debbie?  Please feel free to share.

Thanks for the questions.  I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.  I have a Eugene Women's Half preview run scheduled with Kim for tomorrow, followed by Calvin's "friend" birthday party, followed by a Crawdad boil with some people from Dan's work.  Before all that I somehow need to plan the birthday party, make a cake, get party favors and then cook up something delicious to take to the crawdad boil... Hopefully, Sunday afternoon will bring a nap!


XLMIC said...

So my favorite part was Debbie... and I am now following her :) I run after the kids go to bed, but I am lucky to have that option... I know not everyone has that possibility.

You are ULTRA cool, Laurie. So glad Jonny ended up alright :)

Jill said...

You won a marathon? Holy cow, that is freaking so cool!!

I know when my twins were little and I was training for my first marathon (14 years ago - yikes!!) I gathered a couple neighbors who either did not work or worked nights so I could run for an hour. It was great to have that me-time.

Tricia said...

look at you winning a marathon :) love it

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

GREAT post!! You won a Marathon?? Off to read that post.